Terraria World Map Reviews

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Terraria World Map is free iOS app published by 505 Games (US), Inc.

It's good but

Crazy joe 445

I just do not like these reviews. It works fine but whenever it dose not work for someone. Idiots who call them five year olds can't take some negative feedback to further help this app. Just had to point that out.

Map fix for 1.3


Since 1.3 got released for consoles not that longer ago the app hasn’t been updated to go with the update. It would come in handy because the little map on the screen is to far zoomed out and being able to see it on my phone while playing to see if I missed anything would make it a lot better.

Won’t connect

Exo Pesta

Xbox one X terraria last 1.3 found my console nut won’t connect


Picky Guy??‍♂️

This app is trash. It does not work for my Xbox one, plain and simple you’d be better off dying while looking at the map because it doesn't pause when you’re looking at it anyway.

How do I work this app?


I’m clueless... does it work on the new 1.3 version for XB1, or is t outdated? It won’t find my Xbox. (Update) I’ve gotten it to connect to my Xbox, but it can’t connect to my world. It says, “Connecting To Console,” and I’m not sure how to bypass this. Any help?

To all the idiots out there


If you aren’t old enough to be able to read the description or not smart enough to read it, why give it a 1 star because it isn’t a free terraria? Terraria will never be free, so just shut up.

It won’t work

Vine ochre,dovhfmekdiccnnekdcj

I understand this isn’t the mobile game, but every time I try to link my phone to my console it doesn’t work

It wildin

Yaboii Anthony

It doesn’t work for me. It connects to my PS4 but it doesn’t display the map.

That's up cannot connect to my Xbox 360 and my cousin PS3


Can't you update where are you at the world Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

One complaint


This app is priceless when adventuring through caves and such. But I would thoroughly enjoy if you would make the enemy dots(icons) larger. Overall, AWESOME!!