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Sounds!!! is the new and easy to use app that allows you to make funny jokes and have fun with your iPhone!
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Entertainment Free Marco Siino iPhone, iPad, iPod

Sounds!!! is Suitable for all ages and preferred by younger. You can easily browse the categories and play lots of funny or relaxing sounds.

- Laughter: from the sweet laughter of a child to that of a hysterical crazy!

- Animals: from the dog to the cat, to the chicken, the horse, the pig, the donkey and the monkey!

- City Sounds: the bells of the Church to wake your grandmother, the clacson, the jackhammer and many others.

- Environmental Sounds: Our favorite is the school bell. How many times would you like to sound the bell during a boring day at school ? Well, now with this free app you can do that!

You can use Sounds!!! even when you are at office and you want to make a joke to your co-workers!

Sounds!!! contains 127 free sounds!

Also available 33 additional PREMIUM sounds in a single package available as in-app purchase, which includes:

- Farts: Who will stay next to you shall be ashamed like crazy!

- Burps: We need to describe them ? ;)

- Screams/Shouts: from the horror screams to the schizophrenic ones.

Amaze your friends and colleagues and have fun with your children or grandchildren with this funny app!

Download it now for Free!

To leave this app free we have put banner ad, if you like this app and want to help his grow please leave a comment of encouragement.

If you want to write us or want to suggest other sounds you would like to be added, you can do that to the following: [email protected]

You can play more than one sound together and mix them to have a wonderful sound experience! Use your fantasy and have fun!

Just download this app and start the fun!



After the update,every time I pick a song the app crashes!! Don't download, it just wastes your time.


Cool but not that many sounds.

Not bad

A lot of fun playing these sounds as pranks. Wish there was more free content.

Goldcat 202

You mean I pay $2.97 for deluxe sounds and I still have ****ing ads?!?

Mike cates
Michael dale bleam

Don't no just getting the free stuff


I haven't used it yet but I might like it


This app is awesome!

This Rocks!!!!

It's SO awesome

Three Dogs Construction

A good waist of time

Sounds ok but BAD app

I paid still have to pay for new sounds. The app is very buggy no way to stop sound once played. And why there are ads for paid app??

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