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Scream! is the best Scream Machine that allows you to generate new random scary scream sounds every time you push The Button.
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Entertainment Free Marco Siino iPhone, iPad, iPod

* Scream Engine generates infinite and different screams every time

* Scary your friends and people with the scariest scream sounds!

* Simulate real screams in public for wonderful jokes!

Warning: don't use it near people who suffer heart problems! This app can scary them too much and cause serious problems!


Very good
Agent CAL

Very good app

Gh k
Good dk


Good for boardum

As apart time prankster I love this app mainly because of its good quality screams .to me it is the perfect app for scaring somebody's kid for life by scarring the literal crap out them for the creators of this app I thank you


It does what I was looking for! Simple basic but serves a purpose.

Dakini hdajshehshehh

Good app some scream are to soft good scary screams

Rolland Castle

I use this to scare my coworkers lol

Cool app!

This app scared my mom at the dinner table! She screamed her head OFF!!!

Lol nice app

Awsome app love it

Review very funny
Crap - all nicknames taken

Having lots of fun with my friends

Mexican ninja 1234545564476

This the awesomest realalistick scream ever

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