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THE BEST AND MOST COMPLETE FART SIMULATOR FOR IPHONE with Random Farts, Leg Fart Mode, Fart Bomb Countdown, and a farts soundboard!

Fart!! is a fart machine that allows you to generate new random fart sounds every time you push The Button.

* Fart Engine generates infinite and different farts every time. Touch the fart button to generate a random fart. Flood it to generate multiple farts!

* Leg Fart: Enable the leg fart mode and put your device in your pockets, then lift your leg up to simulate an amazing fart!

* Fart Bomb Countdown: set the timer and.... KaBooM!

* Fart soundboard: a soundboard full of fart sounds you can choose and play!

* Fart Meter and Fart Points: Flood the fart button to increase the Fart Meter bar and earn Fart Points!

* Impress your friends and people in public with fart sounds!

* Simulate real farts for wonderful jokes!

Fart!! is the best Fart App for iPhone. Suggest Fart!! to your friends to make crazy exhilarating jokes with them!


Pay for it!?

You have to pay for farts!!

This app stinks


Chuck "The Big Mek" Williams

For the win!

Piece of crap

Only does random farts and if you want the good stuff you have to pay

Frat app

Me and my brother haven't laughed that hard in a while thanksπŸ˜„



Kelley & Jessy

The app has some nice farts, but some are not even close to real and last like two minutes. The app is nice for 6 year olds in my opinion

Funny but...

Ads and in-app purchases clutter screen. The good farts are in an in-app purchase

Fart noises!
Der Vorsitzender

Does precisely what I needed!

Funny Guy
Mad Mainah

Glad I can't smell 'em!