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Discover why hundreds of thousands of people choose Christmas Gifts Manager to manage their Christmas Gifts' List!
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Organize your christmas's gifts list and see how much money your are spending for each person with this wonderful free app!

Christmas is near! Do you feel confused for all the gifts you need to buy? Christmas Gifts Manager will help you to organize Christmas gifts subdividing them by person so you can keep an eye on the gifts you have already purchased and those that still need to be purchased for your mother, your father, your friends and family, and so on.

It will also help you to keep under control the money you will spend for the gifts that you plan to buy for Christmas. All this with just a few taps!

* Add the people you have to purchase gifts to.

* Choose a different avatar image for each person!

* For each person enter one or more gifts, specifying the price, the name of the gift and if you have already bought it or not.

* NEW: Keep an eye on the new World Gifts Feed to see what gifts other people around the world are purchasing to their loved ones, in realtime!

* Notes field available on each person that can be used to write some extra infos on each person (for example where you saw that specific gift)

* Keep track of how much you're spending for all the Christmas gifts and for every single person's gifts, how much you've already spent for the purchased gifts, how many gifts remains to purchase, how many people, and how many days from Christmas!

* You can set an access password to avoid that someone sees the gift list. Now you can also use TouchID to unlock the password protection.

* Beautiful and clean graphics interface, simple layout and usability.

* Use it also to keep ideas on which gifts you can buy for each person: you are with your girlfriend and saw something that she likes ? pick your iPhone, open Christmas Gifts Manager and add that gift idea in your girlfriend profile!

* A very useful app that will always be with you and will support you during the Christmas shopping so you will not forget anything!


Christmas Gift Manager

This is a great app. So easy to use. Keeps track of my spending and what I have yet to buy!

pretty good

since its a free version i think its pretty good. it shoul be able to put a dot in the price like this 19.99 instead it looks like this 1999 plz fix :)


HOW DO YOU ENTER NEW GIFTS?????????????????

The Ads get in the way...

Although I've enjoyed the features of this app, the adverts for other apps pop up where you input info. This causes constant redirects to the advertisements and interrupts the ability to efficiently use the app.

It's a great app!!!

This app is simple and very easy to use. If you don't wanna pay, go for this one, you will get what you are asking for, a cristmas list. Merry cristmas everyone! 

Password protection needed

Could you make it password protected so others can't get s sneak peek at their gifts?

Waste of time
Becca Theis

You might as well use you notes app

Works ok

Would be better if it was password kids are very curious and don't want them to be able to see what I'm buying them


How do u put in the price?!?!?!

more frustrating than helpful

This app is slow and it randomly closes while in use. The adds at the top don't load quickly so you think you're touching the "add gift" feature but then the add loads and it takes you to iTunes. You can't sort the people on your list by name and it doesn't move those people for whom you are done purchasing gifts from the list do you have to read each individual person's description to know if you are done with them or not. Overall this app was more frustrating than it was helpful.

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