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*** PLEASE NOTE: For the best gameplay experience, iPhone 6S+ and iPad Air 2 and newer devices are recommended.
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Behold mobile gaming's glorious return to glitter-clad annihilation in Robot Unicorn Attack 3! Dash through the sparkling stars; this time with a team of three runners at your fingertips. Gallop into the unending beyond, crashing through golden fairies to unleash Radiant Blast Mode. Build your citadel from the tears of failures past and construct stables to house ever more dazzling allies. Send your magnificent fleet forth on raids to collect gleaming piles of soul crystals. Recycle these unfortunate souls at mystical forges to conjure new unicorns and fuel your unstoppable glitzkrieg!

-Choose a team of three runners that gallop to an explosive demise
-Collect tears to build and power a mighty citadel in your likeness
-Melt down unwanted unicorns to upgrade your runners
-Send stabled unicorns on raids for rare rewards
-Participate in long-term events for mountains of loot
-Summon rare and legendary unicorns from one of three celestial forges

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Loved the previous games, but this one is a grind, although one I was willing to deal with until trying to use my act on my ipad and iphone and having my hours and hours and about $30 lost because all the facebook connect thing does is bring up an error message. This is ridiculous. Plus I can’t get a single response from as games. I have receipts of purchases, I spent so much time on this game and the last one and cam furious, this is worse than Rick and Morty season 3

Rip off

Bought the 2.99 starter pack, had to switch devices and lost my purchase. No way to restore purchases and support is almost non existent. Filled out a support log and waited 15 minutes and it still won’t submit.

(Jingle. Bells.)

The game came off ugly before I even started playing it due to offensive talk about how the unicorn gets to play the role of god.

One big problem

I want to be able to choose what unicorns I use because all you can do is sort them by different categories but I want to be able to just select three unicorns to use on the home screen. Because I can’t use some of my unicorns at all because it doesn’t fit any of the categories you can sort them by.


Please bring back the original song! That's what made this game awesome! I've always come back to this game just to hear the song play out. "Always, I want to be with you, and make believe with you.." please bring it back to the game.

What happened to the Erasure music??

I loved playing this game because of the music, but it went away. How do I get the absurdity back?

First joy but now DESPAIR

The “collect” button in the home screen no longer functions, nor do any events or standings appear. Yes, I am connected to the internet. Please fix! I initially gave this game four stars but then I go to play today and “Always” by Erasure is gone. Why exactly do you think I play this game? DESPAIR INDEED.

All Lost!?!?

So I had to get a new phone... and there is no way to get all my unicorns back!?!? ??? I love this game! I never played the originals but I at least wanted to continue my adventure??? Why have a save with Facebook and create user name if it won’t transfer????

Becomes boring

I loved playing it at first. I especially loved the Erasure song Always in the first level. Two problems: it’s very hard to level up the citadel to get to a new world but even more important to me...i LOVED playing the game and having that Erasure song. Now it’s gone bc of your recent update ☹️ I like the idea of picking your soundtrack.... now it has this other song, which isnt as fun while hashing through the SAME level over and over just to level up...


Somehow looks, runs and plays worse than its predecessor.

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