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Games $0.99 Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. iPhone, iPad, iPod

• "The World of Warcraft of pick-up-and-play games." -Finger Gaming
• As featured on Apple's "The Best Games You've Never Played," "What's Hot" and "What We're Playing" lists
• Now play the hit Adult Swim game everywhere you go, including the bathroom

"This is a game that is so ridiculous, you can't help but to love it."
-Touch Arcade

"A game you'll put on your phone, then pull out to play again and again."
-CNN Tech

"A simple to learn and delightful casual game that you'll enjoy for weeks and perhaps even months to come."

"Highly addictive. This game is one that will get you to come back for more."
-No DPad

"Robot Unicorn Attack > Halo"
-Some Guy on Our Message Boards

The goal of Adult Swim's ROBOT UNICORN ATTACK is to gallop, leap and dash through the sky in pursuit of your dreams, all to the tune of "Always" by Erasure. (Unicorns are big Erasure fans, and robot unicorns are no different.) Once the magic of ROBOT UNICORN ATTACK takes hold of your heart, you'll never want it to let go. Compete for high scores with your Game Center friends, and make your dreams come true!

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I used to play this game all the time on my old iPhone and it brought me so much joy. This game is seriously the bomb and I can’t just play it on my computer I need to play it on the go too. This app hasn’t been updated so I can’t download it in my new iPhone because I have the updated software. So it would be great if that could be done! Robot unicorn attack!! ???? ❤️???

Update the software

I love playing this game but can’t anymore because the software isn’t updated. Please update the software!!

Still not updated for the 64 bit devices

This app needs to be updated a Giving it 1 star until it’s updated all apps going forward from iOS 11 but be 64bit device compatible starting with iPhone 5s, iPhone6,6+ 6s, 6s+ iPhone 7,7+, iPhone 8 & 8+ and apppe nee 5.8 oled iPhone X(iPhone 10) and iPad Air and Air 2, and iPad mini 4  requested you updated it let us fans play the classic original robot unicorn attack games

I need to play this ASAP

Please update this app so I can download and play. I love the original song too.

I paid for this game. Years ago.

How annoying. Don’t update the classic game so we are forced to get the newer versions that have gone the way of Facebook~Esqe cash grabs and pay for a turn. screw that. DELETED IMMEDIATELY.

country coocoo

Please update this app so that it is compatible with IOS11! I am not able to download since I updated my phone and this is very frustrating. I have been forced to download Robot Unicorn Attack 3 which is far more inferior that this app. Please update I beg you!!

Update the app

I didn’t buy the adult swim app pack for it to be unusable . This is ridiculous ????

Hi pls update again

I love this game so much and I want to play it forever pls update it soon aaaaa

Update losers
L funk

So us rich kids with better iOS versions can play !

Does not work on iOS 12

Classic game no longer available :(