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Minecraft is paid iOS app published by Mojang AB



I really enjoy the game but before I am able to get into my realm, the game immediately crashes at the beginning. After the game states, “Building Terrain” the loading screen is gone and my world is loaded. Suddenly it’s filled with lots of lag and the app crashes. Please address this issue!

Great app but a few problems…


So basically mah sis was buying mine coins with her whole life savings but then she did it and didn’t get them anyways still great app because it’s not about mine coins it’s just about having fun :)



It is the best game ever!!!👍😀😀😃😄😁😆.

Still a good game

issac mata

It’s really old but it is still really fun to play with friends or by yourself

Great game

wolf user101

I love minecraft and I have gotten some people I know to play it. I have been playing this game since I was 5 or something like that. This game is awesome I have it on like everything. I love this game but there are some bugs like how sometimes I get kicked off the game, or one of my friends is one but I can’t see that they are on and they are a friend in minecraft , or sometimes it crashes but other than all that it is an awesome game.

Just add unicorns to Minecraft please!

liz(8yr old)

Minecraft is great and I’m just bored of the animals so I was thinking 🤔 ADD UNICORNS!!!



I like the game but it doesn’t let me play games in it no more

Gamer tag

Kawaii Aspyn

i’m gonna try to be calm with this. I try to change my gamer tag (on mobile) so i hit change gamer tag and it sends me to the website and it NEVER EVER loads i’ve tried this multiple times like turning my phone completely off and back on and the website never loads it’s just a gray screen, i could sit here for days and it says it’s loaded but it’s only a gray screen and nothing else i need help.

Amazing game

thicc crab

Honestly I loved playing this as a 5 yr old when the game was in alpha and It’s really fun I love playing but now that I play other games I don’t play as much but I’ll hop on my server and do some enchanting I can’t wait until 1.17 is released I think it’ll be way easier to get diamonds lol (because I’m in a fully enchanted iron set and I need diamonds) But I really loved the game it scared me a little in 2013 being chased by zombies creepers skeletons Etc. But yeah Mojang is a very good company but it was sad that Microsoft bought Minecraft because I really think Notch was a good developer even in 2009 of September when he made the game I loved playing I didn’t like how people would grief but it’s ok and it’s not notch’s fault anyways Mojang I can’t wait for 1.17 -A random kid


Julian Mars

Get rid of endermen!