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Minecraft is paid iOS app published by Mojang AB



The best update ever

Where’s the PHANTOM?


Minecraft I Love The Update Aquatic Part 2 But WHERES THE PHANTOM 6 SIDED LOGS STONE SLABS SANDSTONE It’s Just I Want The 6 sided stuff the phantom the barrier and the “Update Aquatic Part-3”

Sound and obtaining blocks


The sound will not work for this game and I have tried everything also recently after mining with the right tools the objects just disappear so I cannot use them or put the object in my dock for later use. Very disappointed.

Needs more animals


Minecraft could be a little more realistic if it had more animals! Like maybe birds would work? Savanah animals plz? And also the option where you can buy coins is a good idea but not everybody can get minecoins because they’re parents don’t let them(mine don’t).

Minecraft is now

Da cool da best

Dude I love this game so much and I love the console but I love this one so much more. But there are a few problems. Problem 1 Lag I don’t like lag so please try to fix it. Problem 2 When I choose pocket or classic classic every time I get a command Block I can’t get out so I have to get out of the game and do it all over again. But beside’s all that I Love Minecraft. 🤩



When building, blocks disappear 🙄🙄

Love it but...

Need To Add This!

I really think Minecraft is one of the best games you can get! It really is worth $6! If you didn’t already get it you have to play! I love the wolves, (pretty much all of the pets) the way you can build whatever you want, and a lot more... I just have one question though. Why didn’t you add seasons? Fall, Spring, Summer, and Winter would be a great addition to the game! The seasons could go by quickly or slowly. It’s your choice! ********************************************************** Actually, maybe the leaves could fall from the trees too! You know, leaves that aren’t actually blocks! (maybe ones you can’t pick up too) Anyways, Love the game and keep up the good work! 😉

Almost perfect

I luv halo

This is Dreadlord_246. Some of you may know me since I used to play pigraid. I would like to say hello to you all and goodbye since I will not be back on pigraid for another few years. My other name is Alpha117 and for him, i would like to say that someone has been hacking my second body and did some pretty terrible things to you all. If I could get Xbox live account, I would come back and share everything with those whom the hacker as my double, Alpha117, wronged. Unfortunately, pigraid has been ruined by Xbox live and some of the best pvp gamers including me can no longer get in because of this tyranny act of Xbox live. so, I, Dreadlord_246 (aka) the good Alpha117, have come to say goodbye and goodluck on pigraid. for those of the Xbox live community, i suggest taking back your control over the pvp servers. It is killing minecraft faster. I have played both terraria and this game and i would like to warn you that terraria is rising into its golden age. For terraria, this is just the beginning. save minecraft and return pigraid back to what it once was and save minecraft. i speak for all of the users who can no longer get into the servers, “please. Save minecraft.”

A skin is missing in skin pack 1

M. L. S.

It’s herobrine! That skin is not in the pack please add him to it? Then Minecraft would be fantastic


Alpine S.

Best game ever I love it so amazing 500 billion stars