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Minecraft is paid iOS app published by Mojang AB

I want to blow up my phone


So i load up and the i spend 2-3HOURS on A world i exit try to copy it and it say falied then i go back in and EVERY SINGLE THING IS GONE I like minecraft still BUT NEXT UPDATE I EXPECT IT TO WARK I CRIED SO HARD ..........plz fix

I could not find my treasure

Gene Czosek

I fed the dolphins they brought me to a place and I got a treasure map I went to the x I dug every where blew everything up and there was nothing I dug all the way down to the end of the ground and there was nothing ugggggg



Updated mobile device (to iPhone 6s) and it works like a charm Requests ———— If you download music, you should be able to undo it Add a command to be able to get your own head in your hotbar and place it (you currently have to use a texture pack)




Update Aquatic


I’ll be honest the aquatic update seemed a bit strange and foreign to the general Minecraft formula so I was reluctant to put time back into the game but honestly I think it is probably my favorite update to date and I have to say big props to the devs for designing such an exciting new part of the game, if you aren’t sure just try it out Minecraft never seems to disappoint.


Nice but could be better 😕

So Minecraft is like awesome !!!!!!!! Luv it!!! More animals though. And when you take a dog it have different patterns, like German shepherd, husky, and Chihuahuas. Other then that it’s the cats meow



在网易的压迫下,我先用网易MCPE,但是被网易逼疯了后,我就入正了,这样才能让我快乐! MCBBS论坛UID: 2241166

I love it

Omar Sandouka

I like Minecraft but it’s not fair I have zero coins