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Minecraft is paid iOS app published by Mojang AB

This is an amazing game


It is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fun even though you have to pay I got it before you had to you can do a lot of things in this game and it’s worth the money the houses are fun to build and the animals are so cuuuute and it’s just amazing the things you can do in Minecraft and the fun you can have with all your worlds ,places you can go , the things you can look at and how you can turn to creative and survival it makes it interesting

Love the game

BoysRule(User in CR)

The game is good

I’m mad


I have been trying to sign in since yesterday it keeps telling me to go to a website to fix a problem but that website keeps kicking me out

Love it

ben king of the tigers

I like it but there are spooky noises



I HATE This game I spent all my money and did chores and I got a game thats hard to long in and I ended up in tears all me and friend wanted to do is join each! You made to hard for kids to play I hope you sad and this is the worst day of your life.THIS GAME IS TROUBLE! You are stupid I hope you end up in tears who made this game!




The best, but market place dislikes.

Ms Cherry (from Among Us)

This is the best game ever! I just wish that I could get stuff for free though. I mean, getting stuff is fun, but I only have 40 mine coins left and that was the only time my parents let me get mine coins. I also wish that I could create stuff for the market place like werewolf skin packs, Among Us skins and worlds and animal skin packs and stuff. But this game I repeat THIS GAME, is totally awesome! I wish I could play it every day. Thank you, Mojang for making this awesome game! Not only do I love it, but my dogs love it, my plush wolf loves it, my friends love it, almost everyone loves it! Once again thank you, Mojang for making the best game ever.

Dumb l like ps5 more

Super awesomeπŸ˜ƒ

It’s hard to break stuff and I don’t like how it is and also it has a glitch where you can’t get shirts and can’t go to market Place

Joseph Paul’s Note

Joseph Laui Paul

I LIke it


I watched the asdfmovies 1-8

Good game need I say more?