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Minecraft is paid iOS app published by Mojang AB

Love the game!!


I love Minecraft!!! But I would love a wider range of animals you can tame are you for defense. You could also add some new animals. Here are a few ideas for tamable animals or pets. Bunnies, fish, and you can add a super cute fishbowl!! You could have a wider range of horses, you could add hamsters too!! Or a wider range of dogs!! Please read my review!!

Fix This Bug


When I put the cart on the power rails it shakes! And it will not let me go IN it! Please fix this bug that is bugging ME, and other people who play Mine Craft.

Need an update


🙄🙄 there needs to be an update soon I enjoy playing Minecraft but it’s really hard to play when the blocks keep coming back after digging and when the blocks I place disappear

Literally unplayable


I love Minecraft and it is a very fun game, but I am having a problem in the sense that none of my worlds will open, I have an I phone 5s, and I will click to open a world it will load the whole way and then it will just stay with green bar all the way full and not open the world, I can make make a new world but it won't load either and I can't join other people's worlds, I have the 1.5.3 update and it started when I got that update, I really want to fix this!

Educational version updates


On the educational version it should have more items like nukes since you added elements and you should add soda, TVs and video cameras to broadcast the tv channels and you should add ships and fridges to keep food fresh and gases and vehicles like cars planes tanks and four wheelers and you should also add gas masks so when you go in a cave you don’t die from natural gases that would all be really cool and maybe you the creators should think long and hard for what you should add.

Cross platform

Mag1c p1ckl3

The game will forever be good, but the fact that now everything is cross platformed, you can no longer exit without saving, forcing you to save the game before you close it. doesn’t really make me want to continue playing, a fix soon would be outstanding, (or just bring back pocket edition, Xbox one edition, Xbox 360 edition, etc.)

It’s okay


I loved Minecraft but now you have to buy mods, and they might as well turn the icon to water or type sea. Bring back the old Minecraft. The sea update is terrible. I would rather buy a PlayStation to play it on that because I personally feel the app is better off with out Xbox. I don’t think I’d play Minecraft daily until these changes are made.

Blocky block blocks


I feel like a dork playing it but it’s probably one of the best games I own, I want to be an engineer and this really helps, could you pleeeeeeease add waves? Like when your out on water it makes it more challenging and if you get caught in the wave you lose your boat, and add surf boards to, so we can surf waves. Oh and another idea, ADD DIFFERENT COLOR WOLVES the white is getting annoying and add the colors like gray, reddish orange, black, brown, Snow White, and maybe a blue gray color? And could you add a cloud kingdom to? That would be soooo rad!!! Overall this is a great game. THANKS



I have played Minecraft before and I created a new template called Minecraft purple parrot party palace I love Minecraft so much in Minecraft you can build anything you want you can imagine and I have some updates In Minecraft.

Needs some things

YA BOI 321890

1. I really think Minecraft neeeeeeeeds furniture I know you can make furniture designs but this would be a major update. 2. More bosses. THERE ONLY 2 bosses in Minecraft ( the ender dragon) and wither boss so ya more bosses.