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Minecraft is paid iOS app published by Mojang AB



I love Minecraft yes but, there is a issue for the skins. Every time I try to put on a new skin it makes the whole thing black and it’s happened to other too when we go on servers Please fix this glitch.

It won’t open


I go to close the app and after that I’m left with a blank screen, just a white screen and it never loads. It only starts working when I uninstall it and install once more. Other than that the app is great.

Minecraft is soo fun but needs work


Number one it needs like cooler swords like in fun craft on the computer I wish it had like new stuff like if you watch ldshadow lady’s. Vids she has all this cool stuff and they can do really cool stuff and take a long time to load into Minecraft but over all it is amazing

Awsome But need a few more things

#I love unicorns

I love minecraft and will always play it but it needs some more stuff added.Maybe more animals like deer or dog breeds or more farm animals.We also need some more food like new pies,cakes,and meats, maybe even new food like a burger or a donut.Maybe even some new crops fruits and vegetables. It would also be nice to have new items.Watch magma museun’s Crafting ideas on YouTube for ideas.Some new blocks and armour for players and animals would also be nice.Also some new tools and wepons.Some new trees and flowers would also be nice.maybe more minerals and drinks.we also could use furniture so we don’t have to use the mods.Mojang,You are Awsome a keep up your good work.Consider these suggestions for minecraft and remember I am you BIGGEST fan. 😁

Ya need goats!


Goats are the best animal in the world you need goats on Minecraft!




Great game! A few bugs


Though you have to pay, I thinks it’s definitely worth it. You can do what ever you want, and, with the help of update aquatic, there are so many more possibilities. Though, there are a few bugs like if you swim underwater and get out while click and holding, your player will auto-mine which in some cases is annoying. The other glitch I’m experiencing is sometimes the respawn button doesn’t work. When you click it, it just resets your death. Otherwise, it’s a great game. It’s really worth the money. And to top it off, it’s a multiplayer game.

More portals


Please add more portals and other structures please

Great app but.....


I love Minecraft but you need more animals like beluga whales and orcas also add dog breeds unicorns and mermaids and more colorful blocks And make more colorful saplings to make pretty colorful wood thank you for reading this if you did please consider my suggestions thank you.

I love Minecraft but


Hey mojang I love Minecraft but will you pleas add a cave update