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Minecraft is paid iOS app published by Mojang AB

I didn’t receive my realm


I was so excited when I had the money to purchase the 10 player realm, for me and my friends. But when I purchased it, the game stated that “ Your realm could not be created at this moment please try again later” This should not be happening. I paid for this expecting to receive my realm immediately. Very disappointed. Also it charged my card. Please respond. I would love to put more money into this game but I won’t if I feel that my money is in jeopardy like this.

Why I don’t like the game


It won’t let me play on online servers ever I try everyday but doesn’t work

What the crap

wildlife lover 08

So I love the game, LOVE IT! But I was buying mine coins and I paid 10 dollars and it said I was all set, BUT IT DIDNT GIVE ME ANYTHING! AND IT TOOK MY MONEY! I really want a refund or free minecoins. And also can you fix all the bugs for Nintendo switch please. Then maybe I will give more stars.

The Controls for mobile players


Ok I’ve been playing this since I don’t know when it was a long time ago but there’s a problem with the mobile controls, I don’t like how you only use two fingers to play is very difficult to play this game on your mobile device but there’s people that knows how a lot but all I want is to you guys to implement to the game is a separate hud layout or different controls for mobile plz we really need this, it gets me mad I have to play on controller on my device I would love if you Guys do this it’s gonna be a game changer plz....!

Minecraft please add this


Minecraft I think u need to add at least another breed of dog because wolfs are the only dog or wolf u can tame if u add any other breeds I think it would be a lot more fun!

Good game but...


This game is missing something, it doesn’t have any guns, that ticks me off! Atleast add a pistol or a revolver please!

It’s great, no problems!!!

Tylor swift UwU




I can open my marketplace

Still Fun


Am surprised this game is still up there with the others games

Good Game

i eat orphans

This game is really good and fun but, for some reason it says that my Microsoft account was disconnected and i have to sign in on the main menu but when i go on settings it says sign out of Microsoft account, so it is telling me to sign in my account when i am already inside of my account.