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Listacular for Dropbox - Rapid notes, lists and to-do's with plaintext is free iOS app published by Andrew McKinney

Best plain text list app


The sync is perfect and the app is easy to use. I like the design of TaskAgent better but it has some bugs, so I use this.

New bug


The app crashes whenever I try to rearrange an item in a list. Please fix ASAP!

Crashes when rearranging items


Great app - my favorite notes app - but the latest update crashes on iOS 8.3 whenever I try to rearrange items in a list. Please fix!

Great app, could be better

Jay Sit

Could use these improvements: - smaller/adjustable fonts - dated TaskPaper @done(2016-01-01) tags break when task is unchecked - sort by modified date - iPad support

Good UI, but not a good implementation of TaskPaper format

Kid Rock C

While this app displays TaskPaper formatted lists quite well, it doesn't implement many of the specs for that format. Especially the search is quite lacking and completed tasks don't get assigned the @done tag with the current date. When you uncheck an item that has been moved to the bottom of the list, you'll have a hard time moving it back up if the list is long. There's no easy way of moving items between projects. TaskPapers query language also doesn't seem to be implemented. If you don't use that format and only care for simple lists, this app will work for you.



App appears to be no longer supported/updated. Sync with Dropbox freezes the app. Unusable. Don't buy unless updated.

Great To-Do/List App!


If you're looking for a lightweight, basic to-do/list app that links with DropBox, this is app! I really do hate to say "no frills," because it has some nice touches (e.g., reminders) well beyond the bare bones. But it's straightforward, easy to use, and just works. Update for v1.4: Just when I thought Listacular couldn’t get any better, this update drops with vasty improved features and iOS 7 aesthetics. Better. More beautiful. This is hands-down the best app of it’s type that I’ve ever used. Update for v1.62: Still—and always—the best in its class, and a couple of nasty bugs quashed! Way to go, Andrew, and thanks for such a great app!!!

Love this app!


Just wanted to let the dev know thanks for the update! It means a lot when you don't give up. My favorite notes app because of markdown support, so give it a shot!



The developer's feedback/support form is broken. No email address that I can find. iOS spelling suggestions are partially hidden behind the list item text box.

Folder sorting


Strange that file folder listings can only be arranged by manual drag and drop. Can't find a support email address.