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Listacular for Dropbox - Rapid notes, lists and to-do's with plaintext is free iOS app published by Andrew McKinney

‘Listacular Unlimited'


Before you waste my time, let people know what your crummy IAP is before you have people download the app. To everyone else, the app is limited to 3 lists until you pay to unlock ‘Listacular Unlimited.” During my brief use, it also ran molasses slow on my iPhone 4.

Get it


I really enjoy the Dropbox integration. It's smooth and easy. Also the swipe system makes everything feel very fluid and intuitive. Update: With the update for ios 7 Listacular is better than ever aesthetically. It remains one of my most used apps and drives my organization.

Amazing plain text list manager!


The PERFECT tool for those of us who like to keep plaintext lists of things and use markdown. I can save a file in vim and it seamlessly works in here. I love it!

Broken syncing


I have a list in Dropbox that has about 40 to-do's. I edit it on TaskPaper for Mac but on Listacular, the note appears empty. This makes me worry about this app losing or overwriting my task data which isn't acceptable.

Great start


Needs folding text file extension support.

Nice Feature Set, but sync is buggy


I really want to use this app. I like the simple/clean interface and the feature set (would be nice to have recurring tasks, though). But, synching with Dropbox is just plain buggy. Works sometimes, doesn’t others. Seems to work more often on iPad than iPhone, but can’t rely on either. Not a problem with Dropbox - other apps work fine with same files.

Shocked at how much I like it


Been looking for a good simple checklist app and found it! The kicker was that it uses plain text (but you can barely tell) so I can use other apps I like on my Mac and I can get my lists from Dropbox anywhere. Assigning a due date or reminder is super easy. On my home screen now! Get it.

Awesome Taskpaper Replacement


Works with Taskpaper and Folding Text files. Sync is seamless. Great job!

Much better!


The new update does fix several of the outstanding problems that have been affecting my use of Listacular. No more freezes, and it does feel faster (I noticed that before I even noticed the app updated). I previously left a bad review because of the problems with the iOS 7 update, but the developer has gotten all of that sorted out now. This is a great app, and I'm back to using it for all my lists. To the developer: nice job, and thank you!

Nice update, but


...definitely need the ability to have recurring tasks. Would also be nice to have an optional persistent badge with the number of tasks due. I am also very much looking forward to this being a universal app.