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Listacular for Dropbox - Rapid notes, lists and to-do's with plaintext is free iOS app published by Andrew McKinney



This is by far the best list creator I've had and I've tried a lot of them. This one is great. You can creat many different lists and title them as you want - you can mark them with check marks which I love! Or you can swipe them off when completed . There's bullet points etc. I just love it. I've had it for a year now and never looked for another! Runs great not one hiccup at all!! :-) I recommend it if you like to make lists on your phone !

Finally something that works


This works really well with plain tasks. I use it along with plain task plugin for sub lime. Combined with Dropbox they provide a seamless experience. I hope the ui becomes more intuitive. Switching between files can be made faster.

Great app, works well with Taskpaper

heart of fartness

If it were up to me I'd skip some of the heavy UI elements like the dark lines between items -- it'd feel more like taskpaper or text file management that way. But that's a minor quibble for a solid app with an ready and intuitive interface that plays very nicely with taskpaper and even has reminders. Only slight bug: keyboard stays open when you're filtering.

The best to do list ever


The best to do list. I am able to display my todo list on my desktop second monitor thanks to this app.

Great app


Simple, clean app, which does what it is supposed to do. Easy to learn. Best part is sync'ing with Dropbox.

Good for every day


It is very nice useful app! Please keep update. Thank you!

Great Todo List Tool


This is an amazing tool but it needs to be universal. Please make an iPad version!! Then it will be complete. Also make it easier to jump back between the keyboard and full screen list. The little keyboard button is hard to press. Thanks for making an awesome app. Looking forward to an iPad update.

Abandoned Droplist for mo' $$?


Wow, abandoned just like Droplist. The "improved tag support is coming" hasn't. He STILL hasn't bothered to either leave new list titles blank or allow them to be cleared with a simple "x" control. Seriously, do you care that little? While trying this again on a newer phone, using a Taskpaper file, there's no way to add existing tags without typing them every time. When you try to select tag text to copy and paste to multiple entries, this app won't respect your selection. Instead it also selects the previous word. There's a reason I keep coming back to this app - so much great potential. Being wasted. PLEASE sell this app to a developer who gives a s#!7. 1.50 update: This is getting old. Scrolling the main list of lists is much improved, but whenever I go into a list it's empty - the checkboxes are there, but no text. The data is still there - switch to plain text view - then back to lists. Back to 1.40. 1.45 Update: When going into any list everything moves quick and smooth, but scrolling the "list of lists" is still maddening broken, only slightly better than the last update - still stutters, lags, and hangs. Update: So I broke down and bought this awhile ago and it works pretty well. But two things bug me (one of which now appears to be fixed in 1.40): 1. This 1.40 update is extremely laggy on my 4s, to the point of being barely useable. I've closed the app from background and restarted my phone, but it's still sedated. It takes about 5 seconds for the splash screen to disappear and 5-6 more seconds before I can scroll my lists. 2. Why do we have to tap three times to clear "Untitled" from a new list? Why not add a button to clear it or just leave it blank? I emailed the developer months ago about this, but all I got in response was nothing. 3. When creating a new list, if you try to view it in plain text before saving it you can kiss that list goodbye. (this looks to be fixed now). Original review: I bought Droplist a few years ago and it worked beautifully - and was Universal for both iPhone and iPad. So that becomes abandonware and now we get this, from the same developer, which does essentially the same thing... but for another $3. I don't think so. I wonder if this app will make it to ver 2 before being abandoned.

Combine with TaskPaper - Awesome!


I don't write many reviews but I just had to say how awesome this app is combined with TaskPaper (synced via Dropbox). Works like a charm! TaskPaper for Mac is stripped down but powerful and flexible and Listacular is the perfect interface for working with those lists. Bravo!

Not updated in over a year...


Has been showing signs of age since well before iOS 9. Stay away from this one until the dev updates it, but if they do, jump on it! Was a great app while it was fresh.