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Listacular for Dropbox - Rapid notes, lists and to-do's with plaintext is free iOS app published by Andrew McKinney

App drops data, no support


With Dropbox sync enabled, this list app drops data (more than half of some lists), duplicates lists, and just isn't reliable. Developer doesn't respond to support requests -- makes me wonder whether it's still actively supported.



Been a while since I checked out this app and man does it look amazing on my 6 Plus. Amazing todo list. Hope they make a Mac app eventually.

This was an exciting find


I've been a dedicated user of workflowy for years. This app finally beats out the convenience of having my lists online and available everywhere. The quality of this app and care in its production is clear from the moment you install it. I've very grateful that someone got it right when it comes to organizing ones thoughts. I look forward to capturing many amazing ideas with this app and not getting lost when I review them later. Kudos to the developer and very well done indeed.

Perfect for my workflow


I've tried most of the more popular todo apps. This one works perfectly for me because of its seamless integration with Dropbox and its handling of text files. I just keep a todo.txt file in my Dropbox folder, and keep it open on my laptop (actually in Writeroom, another great app). This app updates when I save the file, and vice versa. I just started using it for grocery list too this week, by making a grocery.txt file in Dropbox. Great app!

The best plain text task manager


If you use TaskPaper, FoldingText, or nvALT to manage your plain text todo lists, Listacular is the best app for syncing your lists to your iPhone. Taskmator recognizes the same tagging and formatting conventions as the desktop apps, but it doesn't have reminders. Upword Notes has reminders -- for lists, not individual tasks within a list, strangely -- but it has its own way of titling documents and assigning tasks a priority level, and they don't work right in FoldingText and TaskPaper. Listacular has reminders and plays nice with desktop apps, and it even goes beyond that. You can view your files as plain text instead of a list if you want to take notes, for example. The gestures are good, too. This is definitely the best option.

Best plain text productivity tool


This app is the best tool I've found to manage plain text lists on the iPhone. It has a nice design, intuitive interface, and it has become a core part of my workflow. That said, there are continual sync errors which make this app difficult to work with. At best you will just see error messages; at worst you will loose your data. Any time I make a big change to my lists on another device, I typically have to remove and re-download this app and set up Dropbox again. I lost data twice when letting it sync normally, so I don't trust it to sync when there have been significant changes to my files. It will handles small incremental changes well, but will often show a message saying, "A general sync error occurred".



Looked forever for a list-making app that with provisions for collaborative lists. (Wanted to share a grocery list with my wife.) Found it in an elegant and functional form in listacular. Very pleased!



Minimalist and useful. I use it in conjunction with a paper planner and can rearrange items in order of priority. Great for what it does!



Exactly the right balance of simplicity and power. Flawless syncing.

Great for TaskPaper


I use Listacular to give me alerts for TaskPaper tasks. It works great, and the iPhone 6 update is fantastic.