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Download Listacular for Dropbox - Rapid notes, lists and to-do's with plaintext

Listacular for Dropbox - Rapid notes, lists and to-do's with plaintext

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Rapidly create lists and notes, sync them with Dropbox and share with others. Listacular's streamlined interface allows you to create to-do's, bullet point outlines and simple text notes a fluidly as you think.

Listacular saves your lists to Dropbox in simplified text markdown, so you can update or add new lists from anywhere. You can collaborate with others over shared Dropbox folders: two people can work on the same list at the same time and changes will be intelligently merged together.

- Untethered Dropbox sync (optional)
- Works with TaskPaper and nvALT formats
- Set due dates and alerts
- Create sub-folders and organize your lists/notes
- Collaborate with others the same list
- Share your lists via Dropbox or Email
- Save your lists in easy-to-use .txt format

Listacular provides 3 lists for free. If you'd like more, there is a one-time upgrade fee to get unlimited lists.


Wow. Amazing.

I love this app. It's like a better version of Clear (formatting, reminders, etc). Interface is awesome and smooth. I don't have too many complaints to be honest. Wish there was an iPad version though!


Simple, straightforward app that excels at it's specific purpose. And it syncs with Dropbox.

Great app - just what our family needed!

This is a great app that our family was looking for for a long time! It is very simple yet pretty functional and adds a lot to our household's productivity (really). Synchs with Dropbox are idiot-proof. Everyone you give your Dropbox credentials can share, add and edit your, now, common lists. Wish there was a cal like this... Btw, I'd even pay $0.99 for this app since we use it so much. This ver doesn't have ads, though. Anyway, thanks for creating this app and making it simple and easy to use!

Taskpaper winner

This app is great for plain text task lists. The notification system alone is amazing. UI great as well

Amazing tweak

The Dropbox integration is awesome. It is super fast. And best of all, you can sync it to Dropbox and display it on your computer's desktop using rainmeter or geektool

Best to-do app

Love this app! Works perfectly and is an absolute joy to use.

Great Plain-Text Solution

Listacular is a clever little app; I love the comfort of knowing my lists are backed up locally on my machines via Dropbox, & not just floating around somewhere in the ether. Thank you!

Great App

I love this app. It is what I've been looking for.


Love this app, works great with taskpaper.

Excellent taskpaper companion

Very satisfied with this as a companion to Taskpaper on the Mac. Great performance and much better interface than the official taskpaper app for ios.

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