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Is-it Love ? Drogo - Vampire is free iOS app published by 1492 Studio SARL

Rip off

Niah Redfield

A complete and utter waste of someone’s time. 300 energy = a few pages, play the mini game win 100 energy only to read 3 more pages. Grammatical and spelling errors. The majority of persons that will download this is young teen girls and, this garbage sends a horrible message to our youth. Don’t waste your time people, if you want to read a book go buy a 10$ book from the store, by the time you would actually be able to finish this horrid story you will have to spend well over 50$ or wait months. Not worth it, had it for two days and it’s already uninstalled. Just a big fat NOPE 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 0 stars




Still on chapter 1 after a week


First off, I should say that the only time I allow myself to spend money on a game is in order to purchase it outright, or to buy the completed version (after the trial part has ended). I made the mistake in the past of breaking down and spending small amounts of money on a game and realized how fast it was adding up. So spending money is not an option for me, since I have real-world bills and such. Second, I am more than willing to watch the same ads over and over again no matter how boring or uninteresting they may be, in order to be able to earn game credits/energy, etc. Unfortunately, that is, for the most part, not an option in this series of games. You are guaranteed 1 ad watching option every SEVEN hours. Occasionally, the game will offer another ad-watch to you, but half of the time the ad then refuses to load, so you may or may not be able to take advantage of it. These ads give you 20-30 points of energy at a time. Third, you can play the once-a-day match game to earn up to 80 or so energy points, if you can put up with it constantly bugging and having to exit and enter the match game and/or the game itself to get it to work. Fourth, while you are only able to watch energy-rewarding ads a few times a day, as ad pop-ups that in no way assist you will constantly pop up. I sat through these a few times before I realized that it was wasting my time and gaining me nothing. So between all of the above, plus the once-a-day 300 energy points that the game gives to you, you can advance a few lines of dialogue or internal thoughts/observations at a time. Quite a bit of this is seems to be filler and not very well written in my opinion. The choice options are painfully bad at times. Must we choose between our self-character being either downright rude or fangirling? A middle ground or slightly less dramatically-written options would be nice. I am being negative, but I really want(ed) to love this game. As it currently stands, I cannot really “get into” the storyline as much as I have tried to do so, due to all of the frustrating aspects of it so far. Personal gripe: I get that this supposed to be cute and fun and sensational, but do we really need the heroine to be doing such childish things as stamping her foot in impatience over having to wait a few minutes/being somewhat irritated with someone?



The biggest let down for me so far is the energy. You get 300 a day which is enough to get maybe ten sentences or paragraphs for the story. And when you earn energy through watching a video or mini game you don’t get enough to play more story and it doesn’t save what you earn after getting your 300 daily.

Good game


Good game!! Energy is limited though :(

Troubling but good


Play and you’ll understand. EDIT: with that aside it’s a pretty good game. Wish they had one for Nichole the eldest brother. Honestly I like him more than any character available.



Tried to bring their attention to a bug and just got written off. Won’t be wasting any more of my time and money on this.



Is the person I’m supposed to be in this story really some dimwitted chick who has never seen a man before? Can we have some slight realism here? A better variety in choice options that can give the character a hint of backbone? I’m kinda have my hopes that this character either finds her brain and backbone or just dies bloody..... I’m very annoyed..... Not likely to get past the first chapter of something so badly written...

energy sustem

A lot of poo

not enough energy!



So far the storyline is pretty intriguing. Which i think is great ! I love things that remind me of episode . I try my hardest to find things similar & try giving my honest review . I also usually don’t like anime looking characters/stories. Actually getting me to read this I thought was impressive. My only problem is HOW CAN YOU ENJOY THE STORY WHEN THE ENERGY IS SO SHORT ??!! I literally downloaded the story yesterday only to get through the beginning . After that i haven’t been on the story since yesterday night . Oh wow i managed to gained 300energy , ok ! I probably read 10-15 lines more (which is like 3-5 minutes) only for them to say I don’t have anymore energy left to keep reading 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ like what? Please just do better .