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Is-it Love ? Drogo - Vampire is free iOS app published by 1492 Studio SARL

Money Pit


I have spent over $100 on this game and I have 4 chapters left..... I could have bought the game for cheaper if it was for sale.... Enjoying the story but sheesh, make it playable with the energy levels!

Only One Problem


I just started this game yesterday, and I plan to continue. HOWEVER, I really do think the energy system should be changed. You use 10 energy just to read one sentence, and only have 300 energy (not counting that extra 100 you get from mini games) it's not much. I feel it should be changed to a ticket system like other games have. I am a patient person with those, I can read 5 chapters and wait until the next day to get them again. I feel with those, you get to read so much more. With the energy system you have currently, it seems to go by way too fast. Without this, I would be giving a five star rating. The game is still awesome and I can't wait to actually get into the good stuff!

This game is bizarre


Keeps you busy. You want to know more. Even when you want to punch him through a wall.



I love it so much it is enchanting and exiting. Though the energy system needs a little updating, the graphics are Awesome. It is addicting and pleasurable.



The story line is amazing! But you can’t get very far into the story with only 300 energy!!! Very frustrating to the point I almost don’t want to bother. Each click is like 20 energy!!!! Atleast double it so we have time to get to the next hype of the story!!! I don’t even have time to get to the next scene!!! It’s not worth 50$ to buy the big pack of energy. Not sure if even spend the minimum because I know I’ll end up investing over 100$ in the long run. You did amazing on the story line but listen to your fans!!!! I’m not the only one to complain about energy. If the problem gets fixed, I would give 5 stars easily.

Not worth it.


When I first downloaded this game, I was impressed at how beautiful the art was. The characters are designed so well, and I was very pleased with the storyline... until I couldn't continue reading after only a few minutes. In order to read each line of the story, you need to spend 10 energy. Every day, you get 300 free energy... so you can only read 30 lines of the story a day for free. I played every day for three days and I still hadn't even finished the intro when I got too impatient. It's so hard to get into the story when you can only read little crumbs of it every single day. You forget what's already happened by the time you're faced with an important choice! It's completely not worth the download unless you're willing to break the bank to actually read a decent amount of the story at a time.

Interesting story but the lack of energy


Love the story so far but I’m still only in chapter 1 and I started 3 days ago. I don’t mind micro payments but this is insane. It’s very tedious and frustrating to accomplish so little in that amount of time. I’d prefer it if the energy either lasted longer or I was given more energy per/ day. I am determined to finish the story but if anyone is looking to finish this quickly without having to pay a butt load of money your SOL.



I love this story! It’s so captivating. The only two improvements I wish they’d do is: 1. More energy each day! a common desire by everyone who uses this app 2. I don’t like that if you’ve already read through a part, you can’t go back without losing progress after that point. But besides these, this story is amazing and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Wait Time


I would rate this 5 but I hate that you have to wait a whole day just to end up playing for 5 minutes!! Stories are great just I am very impatient..

Story is Intriguing, Energy System is Bad


I understand why games have energy systems, and hey, I support them to an extent. The app developers need to get paid too when the app is free. However, I’d almost rather have just forked out $4.99 or something and have the entire story at my fingertips. The problem with the game is that you only get to read a few lines a day. You get at most a brief conversation- sometimes an unfinished one which leaves you confused the next day as you try to remember the three lines you read yesterday. Honestly I’m sure there’s a good story here somewhere, but they just don’t give you enough of it to stay interested in the app. They’re obviously trying to get you to buy energy- and I did once- but it didn’t get me as far as it should have for what I paid. They would make much more money allowing you to watch more videos to get even more energy, which would in turn keep players interested in the game. Every day I start thinking it’s less and less worth it to open the game, and any day now I think I’ll give up. Oh well, they’ve lost as revenue on me!