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Is-it Love ? Drogo - Vampire is free iOS app published by 1492 Studio SARL

Omg I want the second act


I could pull away! And I paid for lots of energy it was crazy but the story was great , I could figure out how to always pick the right one to unlock the sence but owell I still question is when’s the next part coming out it should have one. My character leaves to find help and I want to know more.i want the store to reunite and the love rekindled.. of this was a book omg I’d never stop reading it. Love the opt in second ending. My character is a lil mmmm idk push or dramatic or jumps to conclusions or wrong answers but lol it was fun. Want more please right the other half or two to three this one... I want to see Drogo and the family happy! Again. It’s a game but I love happier ending... come on please:) thanks