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Is-it Love ? Drogo - Vampire is free iOS app published by 1492 Studio SARL

Love it! BUT!!!


Great story! Fix the energy! No one wants to pay that much to play this game!!

Wish There Was A Story For Nicolae


I love this app but I wish there was a story for Nicolae as well. I feel like that would be an interesting story completely different from Peter’s Story or even Drogo’s Story. I would jump at the chance to see a story for Nicolae. Please please please!! To complete the collection i already have of this game.

πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚ Revamp your energy system please~

Adelais Desu

I love the plot and all, but if you wanna be a “free to play only” kinda person, have fun waiting until you’re in your ripe old 80’s to catch up with the lates chapters! EVEN WITH THE “BONUS ENERGY” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I wouldn’t mind paying if it wasn’t so expensive either! Even if you go with the best deal available, which roughly gets you about 1 chapter per $10 -not including the $2 secret scene unlocks if you dont get the right options-, you’re looking at dropping $100+ for a friggen otome game!!! Yeah nty, it’s rather read a dozen novels for that kinda money. I mean CMON. You can find better games that’ll at least only force you to wait an hour to read an entire CHAPTER, not 1/10th of a chapter per day.

Super Amazing


I just started and I already love this~~ 300 is definitely not enough, I’m already hooked!

Where is the game for nicholae?

Misa unni

You don’t have it in the App Store. Please put it in the App Store.

Take all your money and don’t even finish the story!


It’s so upsetting how much I was into this however they charge way to much on energy, having to wait a full day to continue reading! And to top it off I payed so much money cause I couldn’t stop reading so anxious to see how it will end with the vampires father and guess what??? NOTHING!!!!!! Nothing at all! So basically I was left with extra energy(with no more chapters), pockets empty, left wondering and no more Drogo! At least bring a part two of drogo so the readers will feel satisfied! And maybe than I’ll read more of “is it love”

Such lovely art work


I want to say i just love the artwork here. X3



This game probably has one of the greatest story lines ever and I get why they keep the energy so low. It literally keeps you so interested and causes you to be patient. Good job. But maybe make the refill time just a little less? Like half a day? That’d be wonderful

Love it


Ok I love this game it’s just I don’t like to were you have to wait a day to read aging



I love it so far but the thing is the energy bars but I’m gonna pay and YES! Thank you to who ever made this because it’s the best game EVER!