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Horizon Chase is free iOS app published by Aquiris Game Studio S.A.

One of those old arcade racers

ace brim

On steroids

Great game but a couple problems

Garrett vs games

I absolutely love this game. It has great controls great levels great everything. The only thing i don't like bout the gameplay is bumping. When I hit someone they speed up and I slow down makes sense. But if someone hits me I slow down and they catch up. That bugs me. But why I rated this two stars is because there's like nothing to play. There is four levels. When I push to see if there is anything left. It says buy it. Ok how much would it be. I click buy and it tell me to put in my Apple ID password. Well how much is the thing. That's my complaints.

Best arcade racer I've EVER played... on a phone!


This game is amazing, from the looks to the feel of it. It has the feel of a classic arcade racer, but with a modern twist. Every course is beautifully rendered, as well as the cars themselves. And, to top it all off, Horizon Chase provides fairly challenging gameplay that is easy to learn, but hard to master. This is definitely one of my favorite games on the App Store.

Perfect modern throwback


Hands down one of my favorite iOS racing games ever! 16 bit style is done perfectly and it's really nice to just have a simple racing game that is not overly involved. Sometimes a simple game that works well is all you need. One of the smoothest games I have ever had on my phone. Can we get more levels please??

Want the other cars


This game is really fun and the graphics are really good, but the ai racers get in your way like crazy and it is annoying. It gets very annoying whenever you bump into the railing too. Other than that it is really fun. How are you suposed to unlock the koenigsegg, delorean, and that other grey car?

Cannot move from India?!!?


Bought the game,its a lot of fun but I finished all the races in India and cannot move to the next part?!?!

What a scam! 0 stars if I could! Don't buy!

Hustle 54

Okay...the graphics are great! It's really really good. But... The scam though. Once you play the first four tracks in the cup, THEY ASK YOU TO GO PREMIUM! Which, I don't even recommend going to look at the price for the premium because I'm sure that in the premium there's gonna be stuff like, " Oh, so you want the lambo? 10000000 points" or some scam like that. It's just not worth it. Just don't.

Did Not Get What I Paid For

Kaitlin trouble

I got an iTunes Card for my b-day a few months ago and I am really reluctant to spend it because I don't want to waste it. I loved this game so I paid 2.99 and it said it had over 70 levels, I thought I was paying for those 70 levels and thought it was a good deal, but then They only gave me one level for 2.99.?


Kitty Golore!

I love this game a lot! It's one of my favorite apps to play. But, with the new update where there is a "trial" you can play this game for a bit for free. They said that it would not affect the people who bought the game before that new update. So I bought the game before the update but when I signed in my info to let them know I bought it before, it said I didn't buy the game! I think I just typed my password wrong but they don't allow you to type it in again if there was a mistake. WHAT??? So I had to buy it again ? thanks a lot Horizon Chase....

Multyplayer please !!!

Nobile 6

This is a great game and I love it I just ask that you could add a multyplayer Mode this would make a great game into a perfect game please make this happen !!!