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Game of Thrones: Conquest™ is free iOS app published by Warner Bros. Entertainment

Very entertaining!


I am very please!

Great game, but need to spend money to really enjoy it.


The whole plot and events of the game is awesome if you’re into the Game of Throne tv series. The game mechanics takes a little used to but is very simple. Overall to be a real threat, money has to be involved.


Boor's Bombers

A little glitchy at times but its a fun game! I just would like to know how to delete messages i get from other players

Pay to play or stay out of the game


You cannot keep up with other people in the game if you don’t purchase the packs. You also cannot go solo in this game so you’re stuck joining an alliance. The alliances all use discord to communicate because the communications in game are so lousy. You need exorbitant amounts of resources to upgrade your buildings but can’t farm some of those resources so once again, you’re forced to buy the packs. Don’t waste your time on this game, it’s not the GOT game we were all hoping for.

Pay to win to the extreme


I’ll keep this simple. This game is nothing but a pay to win cash grab, developed by the Bolton and Frey families.

F2P? Then stay away


A fun game, but only if you plan on spending a lot of money. If you want to only spend a minimal amount, then be prepared to get bullied on a constant basis by people who spend thousands and thousands. I wish I had never started playing this game because it was a complete waste of time and money

Fix the balance... save the game


Their are at least 2 things making this fail shen it could be great... #1) Not requiring players to upkeep their Armies. This leads to impossibly powerful players who dominate the kingdoms as virtual Gods. All skill is replaced by the almighty credit card. If WB is worried this will hurt their sales... imagine how people would fork over money to pay for sustaining their mega-war machines. Even the series speaks to this with the Iron Bank, Golden Company (a mere 10,000 troops BTW), and the need to have alliances with houses that have required resources... which leads to problem number 2... #2) No Trading / Tribute Closely related to number 1... One of the realities of Alliances and Bannermen... that really fails in this game... is pledging men and/or resources to a liege or trading for them. I am sure your greatest fear is this will lead to developing 3rd party economies seeking to profit from the opportunity... You are dumb to fear this... you are clutching pennies and watching dollars pass you by. This opportunity could exponentially increase the income for your game with the increased game activity it would create... especially if you facilitate it somehow. See what happens if people actually had to feed or pay their armies. Your current upkeep system has zero effect... no one even bothers to consider it... all we care about is having to many resources so we don’t get farmed... not that we need them to upkeep our armies.

GoT: Conquest


Been enjoying since day one


Goddess Sapphire

I LOVE GOT and now the game ! I am in 7th heaven !



Awesome game. Hard to put down. Great RPG!