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The new Galaxy Theatres iPhone App is here! See show times and purchase tickets from your iPhone. Get your ticket confirmation with barcode on your phone. Bypass the box office and head directly to the door person.
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- Redeem Vouchers on the app!
- See Loyalty points and Rewards!
- Watch trailers for movies in the app!



Every time i try to log in to this app is fails and says try again all the time. i can’t use this for anything the rewards part never works either. don’t use this app.

Worth it
Eric greg

Don’t complain about fees when you get to pick your seats. App works great. Hard to find for smaller companies.

Cannot sign in

Tried several time to sign in and received a message to check my user name and password. Both were correct. I changed my password and tried to use it. Again I am told to check username and password. Why can’t I sign in any more?

Wallet support
Lord Raahhh

It says it supports wallet, however, I see no option to add to the wallet on iOS 12. I’ve tried both the application and the pkpass file from the email. Also it doesn’t retain the selected future date when returning from the seat selection page. It makes it hard to find good seats for a future date.

Apple wallet compatibility missing

I've been using this app for years but suddenly the ability to add passes to apple wallet is missing. My local theater has bad reception so having the pass saved and easy to access from my lock screen is a major plus. Please fix! (Even though this app hasn't been updated in a year.)

Great app, one request..

Adding movie tickets to the iPhone worked fine before, but no longer works? Maybe I’m doing something wrong but I can no longer add them to my Apple Wallet.

Not saving tickets

This isn’t saving the ticket passes to my Apple wallet and it is very frustrating? Is there a reason why it stopped, because it would save it before.

Apple wallet malfunctioning

No longer working with Apple wallet :/

Zero stars more applicable

First of all the app must show every movie theater their own Is unnecessary and confusing. If I downloaded your app and installed it on my device I really don’t need to see all the pointless advertising of how many feeders do you own. This makes it very easy to purchase tickets at the wrong theater. Keeping the 350 booking fee seems a little Fraudulent to me.


I would give this more stars if it weren’t for the fact that the app doesn’t allow you to use your rewards when you check out.