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Fruit Ninja® is free iOS app published by Halfbrick

Really Dumb Game


You guys should really not download this app because it has so much lag and that the fact it crashed when I tried to claim my daily reward. The game changed so much, in a BAD way!!! Why did they do this?????!!!!! The good times of this game are totally over.???

Good but not grate


It is very glitrcget i loves it is made me pay $69 to get to the next round leave 10 I hate it never buy it if you do you will regret buying it !!!!? I HATE IT!!!!!!:(

This game used to be good...

John Kneski

This used to be my favorite game years back, but ever since the update it's just not enjoyable anymore, plus it makes it much more laggy.

Eh not like the old Fruit ninja


This new ghostbusters update is obviously jus to advertise the new ghostbusters movie, to many ads lag, and go,e crashes I don't feel like I'm playing fruit ninja this game is terrible.

Very Fun and Addicting


This game is a lot of fun. You can compete in daily challenges and win additional dojos and blades that are not already listed in the game.

Ghost buster challenge is impossible to earn any rewards


So you should lower the proton blade to 100 ghosts caught

Worst update ever


The update gave me a meltdown! The ghosts were hard to beat and the movie already pasted! Make it back to normal so that I can enjoy this app ?☹️???

Buggy n' Crashing


Every time I try to load the game, it'll get halfway through, then crash and send me back to my home screen! I can't even play the game!

Get this fruit ninja free do not get fruit ninja


I got the other one it sucked get this one the free one.

Missing blade

Night core 666

I want the return these blades Princess, comet,fire,shadow, Lightning,water blades back to the game.