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Fruit Ninja® is free iOS app published by Halfbrick



The whole experience is spoiled because the ads (which are obtrusive and annoying) are a staple and cannot be removed. At least give us the option to pay to not wake the whole neighborhood at night with loud obtrusive advertising.

Nothing special


Game lags and is missing blades that are required for missions, the Benjamin blade vanished again after update. If you cant get it right after the first time dont fix it and make it worse.

Bad update

Strong beach

You think with all of the bad reviews you would want to fix a wonderful game...I can put up with ads to play a free game,it's the lags that are the biggest problem

I Miss The Old Fruit Ninja


All of these updates have honestly ruined the game... I know I can't be the only one :(

Unstable, buggy, frustrating mess


I enjoyed this game well enough, but the Ghostbusters update is miserable in the extreme. The last levels give the most event tokens, but also cost the most Golden Apples. While this only makes sense, you need thousands of event tokens to buy the rewards. The bosses grant, at most, hundreds, meaning you must play these stages hundreds of times. This also means thousands of Golden Apples. Without paying for them, that many takes hours of grinding to achieve. This is, of course, assuming the game doesn't crash on you... But it does, a good one in three games for me. This is when it doesn't lag to the point of unplayability. Avoid, until Halfbrick fixes its mess.

Worst game ever??

Awesome kid??

The Game is so boring it does not even do one thing ever don't get this game because it's horrible it is the worst ever never get i don't like it


PS3 GT: jugurnut

The game is cool but don't use/buy the rainbow blade aka noob sword it has the same amount of damage as the other blades



I play a game, the ad comes up, and my game crashes and I lose everything I just got! The videos keep restarting, the whole game freezes, and crashes. Please fix this...if it's not going to work then I'm not going to bother playing it.



Crashes, increase prices in-game, and is a giant sellout to a mediocre it's bad



This take up too much space