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Fruit Ninja® is free iOS app published by Halfbrick

I wish there was a zero star


I wish there was a zero star because every time I try to open the app it automatically crashed.

Lagging... (-_-;)


I really like this game, but right now, its pretty much unplayable due to the constant lagging. can u PLEASE fix this??? i really want this game to be playable again!

Lent blades don’t last for a day


So when I first started on the daily rewards I can try the golden ember blade for a day, and 5 hours later I got on again and I couldn’t use it again, couple weeks later the same thing happened with the ghostbusters blade and dojo.



Nice game to get and is rlly addicting?

Good game but better with the last update


I love the new update but it was also hard to update it didn't come on my iPad to till 7 hours were over

Love it!!!!

Princess littlekelly

I played this like a long time ago and I love the new update thank you!!!!!

Basically what they said⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️


I can't even play at all because it shuts down every time I open it. Don't you test updates before releasing them?

Terrible Update!! Cons you for Fremium


I didn't mind the small adds for the free version. In the past month or so, this app has received 2 updates. BOTH of which have increased the cost to play the mini games (used to be 100 Starfruit). First update made it 200 Starfruit, ok not bad but not sure why, and added video adds. With this last update, they are COMPLETELY capitalizing on the Ghostbusters release. Minicamps are now 300 Starfruit and it's extremely hard to get Golden Apples without purchasing them on the store. On top of that, any prize you want out of the Ghostbusters game would require you to play the game about 500+ times. Total Crap! I enjoyed playing this game a couple times a day and doing the challenges. Bad form Halfbrick, make it fun again without making it impossible to win without paying for crap.



The game kicks me out mid game. During one of the challenges the game was lagging and it didn't slice the fruit and I lost. Very frustrating when it costs so much for apples to play. Please fix this :(

300 Starfruit?!?!


Can someone please explain to me why the cost for minigames goes up with every update? Three hundred Starfruit?! This game USED to be fun...