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Fruit Ninja® is free iOS app published by Halfbrick

Fun, but hard


I love this game but the new update makes the challenges so much harder! You need to fix this plz.


Gnome marimba

The game is good

Ghostbusters ended with no wArning

Time successfully wasted

I was saving up to get that blade! With no warning it was gone. Bring back ghostbusters!

The Update ruined it


Fruit Ninja was pretty fun, especially during the ghost buster event; it was great to play and enjoyable, you could take it easy and not have to stress too much, especially if you were like me and used the Megatide dojo and the Cloud blade (totally cheap but efficient so what?) But now, with the update coming around, I started to lag; which is strange because that has never happened before. But now suddenly fruit gets frozen and I can't do anything about it; It'll just freeze and then suddenly they are all dropped. Which is absolutely frustrating in classic mode. Plus, in tournament mode, I get glitched fruits that are blue but then it's treated like red. (And I directly see it's a blue fruit, it's in the beginning waves of the battle, they don't spawn together in the first two waves last I checked). Don't get the update if you haven't yet. It's ruined me and I'm sure it's hurt some other people as well.

Fruit Ninja rating

Mahek Katoch

Fruit ninja is fun but also unfair when you play the tournament against the higher people it is impossible to beat them so I think the people who made fruit ninja should change that thanks for your time ps. This game is awesomely lame ??

Cool game?????????

Jazzle frazzle mcdazzle??

I really like this game!! But you should add more backgrounds.also you should make everything unlocked!!!!???????

Really wanted the GB blade! Lots of freezing..


It's nice to get new blades, but it took so long to get apples, play one round of GB, then more apples, then more starfruit, etc. All that with limited time. We have other priorities in our lives. ;) Honestly, I'm going back to a different game now that the incentive is gone. I would love to see the dojos and blades that cost money, but I'll never spend money for a game. Major problem still happening: the Zen combo after timer stops challenge doesn't work & hasn't for a while. Lots of freezing with certain ads and when looking for freebies. Hopefully, the new swords, challenges, dojos, etc will keep coming in a fairly timely manner & if dreams could come true, no more having to pay for dojos & swords. Some people might not mind paying for Starfruit or apples...that's fine, but give us free challenges to win new swords & dojos, please. Ty!

The Tournament is rigged.


See, I love this game. I really do. But the tournament is just unfair. See, the game first gives you easy characters, but then the ai get 'smarter'. So much, that THEY ALWAYS GET POINT MULTIPLIERS. In fact, it's uncommon to see them hit no multiplier in the matter of five seconds. Even when they do two slices, one does three, the other two, IT WILL COUNT IT AS FIVE!!!!! Even bombs and fruit go in the favor of harder characters! Several times my fruit is in front of a bomb, hiding it, or is behind a red fruit!!! They are just trying. To get money from both us and their sponsors when you watch their ads. This game is good... But the tournament is rigged!!!

All because of this game


Lance Stewart had to go through surgery and loose all feeling in his pinky