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Fruit Ninja® is free iOS app published by Halfbrick



For some reason, I cannot change/personalize anything, and can only play. Why!?

Why do I have no options?


I used to play the game a couple years ago and I was able to unlock different blades, dojos, and game modes. I downloaded it again to play it and the only thing I was able to do was play the game itself. No extra options to unlock blades, dojos or anything. The only thing it will let me do is try to beat my high score basically. Nothing else, that's it. It simply just has one option which is to play the game. Then once it's over it just will say replay. NO OPTIONS AT ALL. And in the description it said I could unlock stuff and have different game modes. I'm very confused

Not fair


My baby brothers tablet makes buying star fruit free. Please fix!


Sharp Stickz

If you played this when it first released, leave it at that. This game stripped itself of any character and lacks any unlocks. That's right. All you do is beat your high score. That's it. No other options. Play something else.

Dying off


I love the game but it is starting to die off. It needs more new content it is 2017. New and better games are coming out and if not already here. You new NEW content.

Lost all the options?!


The game was always updating and it became pretty cool with the different game modes and blades and dojos. But now I got it on my iPod, and for some reason there is nothing except basic game mode with no blades or challenges or anything! What happened?!

Love this game till recent updated


I love this game till the recent updated. Please fix these problems plz. There are problems with the mission board: players are no longer able to see whether they finish the mission or not and cannot delete the unwanted missions. There are problem with the daily gifts: the daily gifted dojo or blade usually appear first on the list, but on the recent update, I am no longer seeing them after claimed the gift. Plz fix these bugs for better.


James m f

I freakin love this game, as a ten/almost eleven year old this is what keeps me SANE in between all of my homework and other BS but, halfbrick, I applaud you with all three hands, don’t ask, just appreciate

Why the f*** is there no options


Like come on. On the iPhone it's just basically the full version. And the iPad version it just comes packed with one option. JUST PLAY LIKE. WOW

Great game

Harold I. Watson

Great game