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Design a kitchen in front view with your iPod, iPhone or iPad. Save it in your device or email your designs in 'pdf', 'png', 'jpg' or 'dxf' format.
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Productivity Free Microcad Software S.L. iPhone, iPad, iPod

Design a kitchen easily in three steps.
- Step 1: Select the dimensions of the wall.
- Step 2: Insert cabinets, appliances and accessories in front view.
- Step 3: Change the material of the cabinets and the wall and insert accessories.

EZ Kitchen includes a complete file manager that allows you to open, save and delete your designs in your device.

You can define several sections on the wall and apply different materials to each section. This is very useful to create a tiled backsplash.

Once the kitchen design is finished, you can email it in different formats:
- PDF format that can be opened and edited with a PDF reader/editor. (Size: Letter or DinA4).
- PNG format.
- JPG format.
- Detailed list. Includes a list of cabinets, appliances and accessories added in the design.
- DXF format that can be opened and edited with a CAD program.


Bacon's mom

Awful. Not intuitive and everything you would want to use requires in-app purchases.

another disappointment!

The app is 'free' but you have to buy add ons if you want anything to work. The App Store needs to figure out a better way to market. I'm trying to find a good kitchen design app, I'm willing to pay for one, but with the App Store and the impossibility of returning an app I'm getting really frustrated. If you want your app to sell you have a lot of work to do.


The modules anyone would be interested in cost money.

0 Stars

It's not useable in "free" version.

Falls Way Short

I was very excited to try this app out because I am remodeling my home. Unfortunately it is not a real designer. It is more a a fun way for my daughter to play "house" with. I was hoping it was a real designer. Most of the items available for purchase are very limited and do no resemble real world application. This app is just a fun way to play house design and not for someone who is really trying to put together a home renovation/design project.

Barely anything in free version

Seems like any module you want to select, it says it is only available in the paid version. The free version is pretty much worthless.

Dont get it

The trial version don't let you do anything, unless you buy a lot of things.

A waste

This free app is worthless... You cannot do anything even remotely resembling what it claims without paying for the "Pro Pack". It's absurd. Maybe I would consider spending money if they actually let you do something to whet your appetite, but this app is ridiculous. I would give it zero stars if I could.

Not good.. At all

I could not get this app to come anywhere close to a kitchen design and it has "EZ" in its name. Total waste of time in my opinion. Delete!!

A Crap App

Functionality is near zero. To obtain the mods you need, you have to purchase the door, drawer, appliance and accessory mods from inside the app. You can't really do anything without spending about $30. Bait & Switch at its finest!

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