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Create a garage, storage room or box room in front view with cabinets and storage systems with your iPod, iPhone or iPad. Save your designs in your device or email them in 'pdf', 'png', 'jpg' or 'dxf' format.
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Productivity Free Microcad Software S.L. iPhone, iPad, iPod

Design easily in three steps:
- Step 1: Select the dimensions of the wall.
- Step 2: Select the cabinets, storage systems and accessories.
- Step 3: Customize your design changing the materials or adding new objects.

EZ Garage includes a complete file manager that allows you to open, save and delete your garage designs in your device.

Once the design is finished, you can email it in different formats:
- PDF format that can be opened and edited with a PDF reader/editor. (Size: Letter or DinA4).
- PNG format.
- JPG format.
- Detailed list. Includes a detailed list of design elements.
- DXF format that can be opened and edited with a CAD program.



I thought this would be great but here it comes the price is for the app only. You can only do a few things with; if you r like me and want to add cabinets or see where to put your bike you will have to pay another 2.99 for that and the there are other things to add which are .99 each. Apps should be all inclusive and i would have paid for it. Stop nickel and dimming us!

doesnot let u do anything without inapp purchase

doesnot let u do anything without inapp purchase... Deleted within 10min


You can't do anything with this app. The stupid ads, which you can't get rid of (unless you buy additional packages), cover buttons and prevent you from doing anything. You have to buy add-ons for this to work.

Lizard fish1234

You have to pay for everything.

Stop nickel and diming!

About to delete this app. Stop asking me to purchase this and that. I would pay one price for everything and just leave it at that and call it Pro or some thing. But to have to buy this and that - forget it.

Nickel and dime you to death.

How about charging a couple of bucks for packs with numerous items rather than a couple of bucks per item. Deleted!

Not intuitive
S Lake Union Kid

I could not get to step 1, create the dimensions of the room. A default room came up and nothing, not even help, gave any insight into how to change the dimensions. Might be ok if I could do that.

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