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Design a closet in front view with your iPod, iPhone or iPad. Save it in your device or email your designs in 'pdf', 'png', 'jpg' or 'dxf' format.
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Productivity Free Microcad Software S.L. iPhone, iPad, iPod

Design a closet easily in three steps.
- Step 1: Select the dimensions of the wall.
- Step 2: Insert cabinets, appliances and accessories in front view.
- Step 3: Change the material of the cabinets and the wall and insert accessories.

EZ Closet includes a complete file manager that allows you to open, save and delete your designs in your device.

You can define several sections on the wall and apply different materials to each section. This is very useful to create a tiled backsplash.

Once the design is finished, you can email it in different formats:
- PDF format that can be opened and edited with a PDF reader/editor. (Size: Letter or DinA4).
- PNG format.
- JPG format.
- Detailed list. Includes a list of cabinets, appliances and accessories added in the design.
- DXF format that can be opened and edited with a CAD program.


More money
Closet master

Do you seriously think I'm going to pay for a second one of your closet design programs when the first one was so lame. Why didn't you offer some of these needed improvements to your customers that already paid for it. This program tricks you into down loading it for free then makes it useless to use unless you pay for it.

Concept is nice but Add ons Really!!
Jason E Rice

Concept is nice but if you want to design a nicer closet, than can do it for free and better on my computer. I am deleting this junk app!!

Gordon Guitar

This app is riddled with annoying, unrelated advertisements.


You can't do anything without buying it. The commands are non existent, I got as far as making a box.


Can't do anything unless you buy a bunch of stuff to unlock.

Lacks too many features without purchases

Almost everything you need is via purchase for 2 dollars or more.


You have to pay for everything!


Free app is useless!


Terrible app. Can't do anything with it without purchasing. Not gonna happen. LAME!

Not a free app
Leezee 593318

Grossly misrepresented as a free app, you are charged to change the unit of measure, really?

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