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Design a bathroom in front view with your iPod, iPhone or iPad. Save it in your device or email your designs in 'pdf', 'png', 'jpg' or 'dxf' format.
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Productivity Free Microcad Software S.L. iPhone, iPad, iPod

Design a bathroom easily in three steps.
- Step 1: Select the dimensions of the wall.
- Step 2: Insert cabinets, appliances and accessories in front view.
- Step 3: Change the material of the cabinets and the wall and insert accessories.

EZ Bathroom includes a complete file manager that allows you to open, save and delete your designs in your device.

You can define several sections on the wall and apply different materials to each section. This is very useful to create a tiled backsplash.

Once the design is finished, you can email it in different formats:
- PDF format that can be opened and edited with a PDF reader/editor. (Size: Letter or DinA4).
- PNG format.
- JPG format.
- Detailed list. Includes a list of cabinets, appliances and accessories added in the design.
- DXF format that can be opened and edited with a CAD program.



This could have been a good app. but there are few helps in using it and necessary features are missing. I found it ext. difficult to change one dimension of the vanities, tubs, cabinets, etc. There are several free standing tubs but I couldn't find the average tub shower comb. Arch. features like doors and widows are where? Did I mention that I paid for all of the upgrades? Save your money!


Such a disappointment don't get this app

Totally useless

Don't waste your time

Buy buy buy

Can't use colors unless you buy a pack. Can't use anything unless you buy a pack. Make the app .99 with some basics, instead of free then try to use it followed by countless IAP.

Waste of app space

Can't do anything useful without buying add ons! Don't waste your time! It gets one star only because it has to

Beware of "free"

You cant layout anything other than a floor plan. To add a sink, cabinet or anything else, you have to buy the pack the items is contained in. USELESS!!!!!!

Pretty Worthless

I read the reviews, so I knew I would have to upgrade to the fee-based version. This didn't make any difference. This is still a light-weight design editor. Can't design a wall with more than one tile or texture. Can only look at one wall at a time. Limited pieces for layout design and no apparent way to import more. As others have said before me, don't waste your time; don't waste your money.

Anything but easy...

Complete waste of time

Really good

Get this app

Really lame

This lame app is pointless. Besides being lame, just about all choices for colors etc are locked. My advice: don't download this app.

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