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Enlight is paid iOS app published by Lightricks Ltd.

Best PhotoEdit App!!


This is an outstanding editing app! I love the different things you can do! So many different things all in one app! The tutorials are very helpful! I enjoy how you can take a picture to edit and you are able to share on the app.(that goes with saving the edited pic as well.) I think the best part is that once you pay for the app you don’t have to pay anymore!! Everything you need to edit is already ready for you to use once you get the app! And there are no adds because it’s not free! But don’t say no to this app because it’s not free. It’s an amazing app! I love everything about it! If you want to get a cool editing app this app is so you!! I definitely recommend this app!!-to all!!



5 stars

Great app.


I’m learning the app. Once you get used to it it’s a must have.

Bait and switch


I bought this app for $3.99 just now and haven’t even used it yet, and first thing I notice is an “upgrade” link in the menu, which leads to Photofox, another photo editor you guys made with a subscription. I can’t pay money for a complete app now, without having the buy a subscription to another app? I’m asking iTunes support for a refund.

Picture Perfect


Excellent on the phone Lightroom. I use it for the ease without the fumbling burden to get through work. 5 stars at its best shine!

Easy to use, high quality app


The app has many techniques and options pretty easy to learn and use it, one more option that’s very useable is the text on your photo, you can easily put your signature on your own photos and make it your exclusive photos collections verses other apps or default photo editing, that the text option is really annoying to use, give it some time, it’s worth it.

Where is ERASE?!


I used to love using this and making some really creative things by using my drawings and photos and maybe a couple of small pics from elsewhere…it still says to use “erase” to get rid of the parts of the things you have added that you don’t want. It doesn’t come up after “blending” and I only see it with things I don’t really use. SO, what do I use instead of erase? Another app perhaps?!

One of the best photo apps.


Great app...

Gets the job done!


If you all (the creators of the app) could incorporate video editing within the app, that would be AMAZING!