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Enlight is paid iOS app published by Lightricks Ltd.

Feel a bit swindled...

da harsh truth

If you’re doing away with the app soon, why are you still charging for it? I just paid for it and I will not be switching to a subscription photo app. No can do. Feels like I got ripped off a bit. 🤔 So I agree with a previous review. This is better than what is being switched too...so even without support, Ive paid for this, I should be able to keep using right? Or do I need to request a refund now?

Subscription services are terrible


I’ve been enjoying using this app I paid good money for, fir many years now, and am sad to learn that the creators now want more money with a subscription service, while factoring out the original app. It’s too bad really.


Bob infinity

This all is powerful af and is a great photo editor. Great tools, easy to use design, and cool filters. Wish there were more fonts and that you could start from a blank template (and be able to choose the size, etc). Overall this is a great app, would recommend to everyone.

No MacBook App??


This app is so amazing! I absolutely love it but I’m so torn that they don’t have it for the MacBook! This app can totally replace the need for PS in my book. I love all of it. The only thing I’d ask for is to make a MacBook App and allow us to type in new words in the graffiti style fonts they have

Awesome app I recommend


This is so awesome and edits for all my instagram posts you should get 10/10

This app is perfect!!!


Thank you Enlight 5/5 thumbs up. :D

Needs Lossless Import


Bought this app because it said it supports lossless tiff files. Yes, it can save as a lossless tiff, but what is the point if compression artifacts appear when opening an image?




When Stock Filters Won’t Cut It


This app is great for filters. I’m sure it does a ton of other stuff, but I really only use it for filters. If you like filters, buy it.

love it. east to use than many of the other apps.


good results when printed!