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Enlight is paid iOS app published by Lightricks Ltd.

One of my first Apps


And still an all time fave



Good choice


Jinx Dinkum

This app is my go to for several processes, and an integral part of my workflow. I’m very unhappy to see that it will no longer be supported, ESPECIALLY when I’m also being pushed to a subscription model - the reason I left Adobe for Affinity, et al. I’d be tempted to buy Photofox outright if I can afford it, but I don’t know what it costs, and am afraid to download the free version for fear of scragging Enlight... in fact, I’m now afraid of updating Enlight because I don’t want to wreck something that’s perfect as-is. Please, PLEASE don’t go all Glitché on us! I’ll cheerfully pay cash on the barrelhead for good ‘ware, and I get that new versions will have to be written to take advantage of advancing technology - but subscriptions are extortionate and parasitic, and updates that flog you with ads are a plague on the app industry.

Decepcionado ☹️

Mehera Fotografía

Recién unos pocos días compré Enlight app y ahora resulta que tengo que volver a pagar más dinero, ahhh y no suficiente con eso si no hasta ahora tiene q ser con subscripciones....Very Bad Deal🀨



Great app but a little difficult to navigate as a first time user.

What happened to PNG support in mixing?


I’ve used this app for years and as a smartphone photography instructor I’ve recommended it for making easy layered images using PNG files on top of my own images. As of this morning, this functionality no longer works. And as for developer’s response to others here claiming it never worked-baloney. You’ve changed something. Admit it. Then undo it.

one of the dopest editing apps to date


I always come to this app to fix any type of err with a photo on my phone. If I have a certain idea that I want to turn into reality, I have confidence knowing Enlight's by my side with a quick and easy way to make it happen. I definitely recommend it to anybody who's just starting out on their phones and looking to do some out of the box action. It's a good threshold for those going into the photography/editing world.

Design made simple


I use this app a lot for my IG posts. It’s super easy to create interesting designs.

Enlight apps

i dont like jojo siwa

I love all of the Enlight apps they’re very good editing apps I love them so much! As a 13 year old girl! πŸ’˜

Pro affordable photo editing


I AM NOT a photographer by trade. I have landed some photography jobs shooting live bands which has got me some basic head shot jobs and even an engagement photo shoot. Every shoot a fraction of my shots are taken with my cell phone. Between this app and the HDR function on my iPhone the final product always gets a few cell phone pictures over the DSLR shots. I’d recommend it