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Enlight is paid iOS app published by Lightricks Ltd.

Great long time app

CP Farrell

I use this to sell on ebay since you’re only allowed 12 pics on there. I merge all pics and I’m able to display well over 12 pictures with the collage setting. I also use it for my butterfly pics and writing my name and species on my personal pics in case I upload to google.

Enlight Phone App Rocks !

CG Fagerhaugh

Never been easier to embellish pictures for fun, statement or business ! XO Get it ! Try it you’ll Like it ! 😎😳🙏🏻❤️✅




My Favorite App


This is my favorite app and I really hope the push for photo fox doesn't glitch this one out! I love using this app and the features

Simple app gives great photos


Have used this app for a year. Easy to learn and use. Have gotten nice photos that look good on digital media but also work well as prints.

Better than computer software

Laura Lynn Ritchie

I have filled entire businesses with canvases created using just this app and my iPhone. Love it!

Simply the best app


No puedes encontrar una mejor aplicación para tus fotos

My Go to Photo App… Until They Kill It


Love this app, been using it for years for social media content and daily photo journaling. Was extremely disappointed to see that they're doing away with it in favor of Photofox which appears to be a very powerful photo editor, but requires a costly subscription for full features, is much more complicated (& less intuitive) than Enlight and much more time consuming to do anything. It also does not appear to include all of the features (or maybe they've just buried them so deeply I can't find them; e.g. Finalize>Instafit is super useful for social media formatting. Same thing can be done in Photofox sort of with 5x more steps). Enlight is reasonably simple yet has a lot of easily accessed capabilities. I have a Photoshop subscription thru my desktop work but choose to use this on mobile because it's easier. I wish they'd continue to support this as a non-subscription, lighter weight app. I wouldn't mind paying for extra feature packs, but I am simply tapped out on subscriptions.

the original


this was the first app i downloaded that launched me into my love for editing. it has a sleek look and it was easy for me to get into it. definitely worth the space on my ipad for this multifunctional wonder. i recommend!