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Enlight is paid iOS app published by Lightricks Ltd.

Such a fun app


Love this app it was exactly what I was looking for, for editing

Don't know why it's not rated 1 of best photo apps!'


This is a great app, the more you learn and play with it the more you can do. This app pretty much does everything any other app does out there all in one.

Simply fantastic


This is one of those indispensable apps...to make your pics come alive...with customization along the whole way...

Love it!


Easy to use. Outstanding results! The ability to use Layers would REALLY be a big advantage for users...

It's fun


I use it for band promo stuff and really like it.


Ho ho ho37

I love this app. So easy to use. It takes a short time to figure it out, but then your pictures look so fantastic. Worth every penny.

Enhance your beautiful photos…


As the runner-up of AppStore 2015 best apps collection, there's no need to explain why Enlight is the best photo editing app right now. It is another great app developed by the same people providing one of the best-selling portrait editors in the AppStore, Facetune. Although the UI is a bit hard to get used to, it offers almost every feature an iPhone user needs to enhance photos and also create stunningly beautiful effects and standout image blending. When it comes to mobile photo editing, Enlight provides superior tools compared to its rivals. A more robust text editing tool and more fonts are appreciated. Recommended!

Not too shabby!!!


I really like it! It's awesome my pictures never looked so good. The only things I would recommend is better instructions on the more complicated photoshop tools and maybe additional tools like anti greasy face tool or blemish tool ya dig?

My most used photo utility app

Jeremy Driver

Enlight is my go-to multipfunction image editing app. My three primary uses are: 1) Frame / Collage creation. When I want to post several images combined to Instagram, Enlight does the job. Not as flexible as apps like Diptic, but good enough most of the time. 2) Adding text / captions to images. Not as flexible as Over, but again, good enough most of the time. 3) Warping / deforming family members for fun and profit. When I put my brother's face on my mom's head (but kept her hair) and gave him bulging eyes plus a weasel grin, my mom almost peed her pants. Enlight can do a whole lot more and has great 'how tos' built in. Easy to learn, easy to use. Just wish it had layers! Then it would get six stars.


Sam M. J

I love it ;)