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Dark Sky Weather is paid iOS app published by The Dark Sky Company LLC

Great App but latest update broke most useful feature


This is a stellar weather app. Out of the many different ones I have tried this is the only one that remains on my phone. The hyperlocal forecasting is fantastic, especially for here in South Florida where it can go from bright sunny skies to a downpour in a matter of minutes. However the update for iOS 10 has broken the most important part of this app to me, the Notification Center widget. It is now just a blank box with no forecast information. Also the settings menu is just absolutely a poorly formatted garbled screen. Both occurring on an iPhone 6 Plus. Hopefully the dev gets these bugs sorted out soon, I really don't want to have to find another option.

Multiple bugs in iOS 10 update


Great 5 star app but this update is a disaster with non-functioning widget and several other problems. Will revise to 5 stars when fixed



Let me start by saying this is by far my favorite weather app. When it works. It's not a successful update when what you're improving upon no longer works at all. I can't get the widget at all which is a feature I use numerous times a day. Please update your update. I did a hard reboot of my phone and I deleted and reinstalled the app. Neither helped

New version messed up

Mona Lll

No weekly weather on iPad. Settings area is totally messed up - it's unusable. I couldn't get to support. iOS 10 version.

Wrong state also


Last update wrong state . But still gave 5 stars because I know they will fix it quickly



Way to keep on top of the new iOS 10 features. I use this app daily and love the simplicity and ease of use. Keep up the great work!

watchOS app not working


The watchOS app won't successfully launch and the complication cannot be added to a watch face from the iPhone Watch app. Even though the complication can be added on the watch itself, the broken app means that the complication can't fetch data (I assume, since it only displays the Dark Sky icon on the complication).

iOS 10 bugs : HOME, MI


Keeps setting location as Home, MI. The settings page is all messed up. Please update



But update broke Time Travel on the watch ? Fix to unlock 5th ⭐️!

What's the actual weather, right now?


1) Look at my watch. 2) Don't worry about it, it'll notify me if it's going to rain. Best weather predictions for your exact location.