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Dark Sky Weather is paid iOS app published by The Dark Sky Company LLC

Once the best, now inaccurate.


Temps have been off. I've been forced to revert to weather underground which I dislike due to its adtech (use the mobile web w/ ad blockers helps though). DarkSky keeps reporting lower temps than actual reality. Something changed recently with this app. I rarely open it now.

app is broken


Since release of ios10, this app is an absolute train wreck. Don't bother using or getting until it's fixed. This "first just to be worst" concept is horrid.

Great App BUT....


I have used this fantastic app for a number of years, but the September 14 2016 update for iOS 10 has made the lockscreen widget non-functional. I have an iPhone 6S running iOS 10 so it should be "optimized", not inoperable. Please fix this glitch ASAP. Thanks.

Great, but the widget needs updating

CH 2.0

The 'new' widget won't show anything on iOS 10 and that is a problem considering that I look at that everyday and now I have to go to the app instead of using the nice widget that worked fine before the update. Please fix!

Do not upgrade to 5.2.1


I've been a fan for years. This is the first total disaster update they've ever shipped. Everything is hosed on iOS 9. Weekly forecast is blank. Privacy preferences are blank. Overlapping text everywhere. Sloppy, rushed, and unusable. This is a real blow to their reputation. I won't trust an update from them again.

What's up with Michigan?


Works great in iOS 10 and especially like the widget. But when opening the app from the widget weather a d conditions are issued for a town in Michigan.

Love this app

Pazo Aruba

I love this app but with the new update, the future days weather is a blank screen.

No actual updates for months?

Cordial Savage

***9/14/2016: why's there no button for easy zooming in and out? What's wrong with the settings? YOU BROKE YOUR TERRIBLE APP! The blue text for notifications and weather reports looks...AWFUL! It should be called "hypothetical weather." Free apps have more basic functions than this mess.*** Is there ever going to be an update? Good developers keep the app updated. This one is stale. It's pretty, but inaccurate. You enhanced the map, but it would be nice having buttons to more easily zoom in and out. Today inclusion is a nice touch...but why not have a forecast longer than an hour? Lame.



All the iOS 10 features are non-functional, the Settings page is rendered glitchy and doesn't work and the actual weather forecasts are consistently about 5 degrees too hot.