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Crossy Road is free iOS app published by Hipster Whale Pty Ltd




Crossy Road

Pebbles and Grogoo

I love this game it is the best game in history!!! I would like to know how to change the characters? The tiger is our favorite!!?






This game is the best game I have ever played? So many fun and cute backgrounds and characters ? Only 100 coins to get a character ?

Awesome game


I have a couple ideas for ur game maybe you could a a Robards for at home and maybe you could make it that the snow man can pick up snow and throw it like the yeti and maybe when u throw a snow ball at the the car maybe the car can Amit snow particles

This is game is so fun ✨

just someone ✨

So it’s real fun you get to change your little characters ??✨.and like you gotta try to cross the road .And you can try to beat your high score. But I think they should add trading your characters. I mean I play this game in the car all the time ??✨. So I suggest you get this game .I mean like the creator probably but hard work into it so like ?. Yassss. So that’s why it 4-⭐️’s. Bye have good /night . ✨⭐️??

Why did the chicken cross the road?

yeet skeet beat my meat

The age-old question comes to life in this mobile game! Tap to cross streets and rivers and get as far as you can! Watch out for the cars! There are 100+ characters to unlock! (Some can only be unlocked through secret tasks). Jump in and know why the chicken wants to cross the road. I’ll give you a hint. Because it’s so fun and addicting like this epic mobile game! Eat a Greg! Egg*

This game is amazing


This game is so fun to pass time when you are board but don’t want to talk play Crossy Roads

Crossy road the best??

69 jeffs

It keeps me entertained for ever! And how there’s no adds at all. There’s like a add every 5-7minutes, and if you get bored of normal crossy road just play the tournaments. People are really good in there so it’s a perfect match! Definitely play this??

Great game


This is such a good and fun game I love it so much but sometimes I get a little frustrated ?but again it is such a good game