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Crossy Road is free iOS app published by Hipster Whale Pty Ltd



This game is very inspiring and teaches kids to be careful out in the streets. This game has taught me the importance of friendship and life so I thank Crossy road for everything they have gone for me.

what a great game


what a great game. love it! wooo! i robbed a bank just now. on the run!

Best game ever


This game is the best because there is litterly very little adds and it is really fun


Bruno silly dogito

This is so fun and very hard

Crossy Road

Chloe Sussmen

Crossy Road is such a fun game! You get to win new characters, collect money, and beat your high score! And that’s not all… Every day there is a daily contest where you go against other players on a challenge to get 1st 2nd or 3rd. Even if you are last place, you still get money in the end. The higher you are you get more money or a mystery box! Next time you are looking for a fun game, be sure to download Crossy Road!

Good game

poco is bad

But overpriced thins otherwise best game


animal kindom xoxoxo

Why is there adds now ruins the game . I love the game but there’s always an add and I can’t enjoy it please fix it thanks. Okay another complaint is when I jump I still get ran over ? And also when I jump and the car is further away I stick get stuck to the car like ?



I’ve played this game since i was like 5 and i love it even though it is so simple. But there is a lot of ads if you dont play offline witch is kinda annoying but overall it’s a fun and simple game that I love.

Good game:)

m a d s?

I’ve played this game for a while now and I can say it’s a pretty fun game. The only thing is the things ya gotta pay for and the amount of adds but other than that it’s fine;)


Allen marks

Best game ever but the only pity is the cars are a little faster one of The duck or chicken dies