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Crossy Road is free iOS app published by Hipster Whale Pty Ltd



Best game ever made no contest


yo boy 74


Good app!

-i-was-here- ?

This is a fine app… although there is something wrong I have Apple TV and I downloaded this NO ADS but I downloaded the mobile one and I get adds every time I play. I don’t like that about it. it’s fine NEEDS HELP.

The Best game

Katelan my mom22

Is the best game I have ever played I hope you like the game to but is pretty hard for me but maybe not to you please play this game and try to not get hit bye the cars Like I said is the best game ever



Best game ever download it for free and get the new lunar new year tige


rat a tat tat forever

This game is legitimately…..…………… fun Love it




Crossy Road


I hate it so I give it a one star

I LOVE IT about some suggestions


I really love it but there could be some cool edits 1: if you playing as pac man then have the ghosts as the cars and if your the ghost then have the pac man as cars 2: have power ups if your in pack man 3: if your in pac man then have the coins look like power up other than that I LOVE THE GAME keep the good work up ?

too difficult to get hipster Whale!

Penguin Isler

pleeeeeeeeeease send me one! Game Center:ALEX WZQ