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Crossy Road is free iOS app published by Hipster Whale Pty Ltd


crossy road is bad

It’s so bad and makes no sense you start to rage and get stressed It’s annoying that every time you die there ads

Crossy road


I wrote a 3 star review because, Will even I am able to get a new character it always gives me a duplicate of something that I already have. I once got 5 duplicates in a row. Also it doesn’t let me change it or at least watch an add to give me a chance at getting something different.

Great game!! 😋😁 I just hav a few Ideas fo the game!


GREAT game! One of my favorite things is all the characters you get from the little machine!! It’s so cute I think. It’s very fast too but I like it ! I recommend this game for a lot of people. I love this game! I’m not sure if there’s a Shiba I i in it but if not then I would probably add it or add a husky again if not there yet.

Fun fun fun


Super addictive can’t stop won’t stop

This is a AMAZING game!


This game allows me to get new characters each with unique settings and sometimes extra!

I was searching for a good game and I cannot stop playing this game


I just can’t believe how good this game is!

Awesome game!

carson koehne

Get this game or I will steal all your cookies.SUB TO MRBEAST ON YOUTUBE



Hi I love the game

Crossy road


This game is very addicting I like i just don’t like how when I get too 100 coins and then they say that I have a duplicate and I can’t doing anything about it.

This game is so classic, and I LOVE IT!


If many of you do not know, this is a play-on of the classic arcade game called frogger. You play as a frog trying to cross the road. As a kid playing the frogger arcade cabinet in many different arcade locations and pizzerias, i was mildly frustrated at the game, and i used to think, “I think there should be some more animals!” I was a little kid back then, so, yeah. 20 years later, i was scrolling on the app store looking for a time killer, and i found this game, i tried it because it had so many people playing it, and i said, “This is frogger!” And i went to the prize machine and i got a frog. It was very nice to experience my childhood relived in a game on the app store. Thank you. Thank you so much.

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