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Crossy Road is free iOS app published by Hipster Whale Pty Ltd

This app is the best game I’ve ever played


I play this game for hours and I don’t exactly like electronics I think they ruin your mind if this game ruins your mind it is worth it. And there are no adds


Iorn N

Too many ads



I like dinosaurs



I love Crossy roads


hehhehiwnbsksmz ms



thw OG T-Lace

You guys are amazing

I’m addicted


Can’t stop playing be warned you might play the whole day (I did)



This game is good but it’s not easy at all lol


Trainer Clapz

Very good game

It’s rly good ??

bob the hippie

So I got this one time and it’s super fun I’m addicted to it lol but anyways just one thing I would do in the game if I was you. I wouldn’t put now a word from our sponsors but just play the add we get it and add is gonna pop up but you don’t need to put that up there. Anyways, it’s a great game and I’m loving it! Oh, and I have an idea for the game! You can add a section for the things and you can customize ur own character to make it look like you and you can choose any background to do the game in!!! I loved this game, thanks so much for making it!!!