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Bible Coloring App is containing 6 different themes from the Bible in chronological order. In order to continue this project and to cover all Bible stories that the little ones discover and develop their imagination by learning in an interactive way in the Bible, we need your support and the distribution of Christian resources.
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Coloring Bibles challenge everyone to creativity by giving them the freedom to color the images in the Bible using 14 shades of different colors.
The Bible Coloring Book now contains a set of 38 unique images and we aim to cover most of the events from the Bible in the future.

Current themes:
5.Jacob and Esau


Use the tools in the bottom bar and draw the images. Use your hand in the toolbar to move the image in zoom mode.

The coloring Bible has an easy to use menu for all ages. The main menu offers the possibility to select sets of pictures depending on the events in the Bible chronologically organized. After selecting the category, another menu is offered to select the image to be colored from that image cycle corresponding to the selected story.
The image drawing menu has 14 buttons to select the desired color, a button that represents the eraser to erase the mistakes made, a button to select the size of the pencil to draw, and various buttons to select different styles of pencils.
The menu also offers the use of a stamp to insert different stickers.


Painting tools:
1. Pencil
2. Crayon
3. Brush
4. Paint
5. Paint Roller
6. Paint Can
7. Sparkle
8. Stamp
9. Eraser
10. Hand

14 different colors
Ability to redo the last steps
Zoom in / Zoom out


Bible Coloring App currently contains 6 sets of images that represent the first events in the Bible, but we are currently working on continuing more events in the chronological order of the Bible, and we hope in one year to cover all the main and useful events for improving biblical knowledge of children.


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