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Bible Words Puzzle is a puzzle game in which you have to find hidden words amongst a scrambled grid of letters. Drag your finger over the letters in the grid to form words, and find the right words to win the game!
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Games Free Calin Ursaciuc iPhone, iPad, iPod

This game contains 66 different categories representing all 66 books from Bible and each category contain a total of 10 different levels.

We plan to cover all books of Bible so everyone can learn and remember words in a fun way.


● In App Purchase for removing ads and buying hints.

● Categories: 66 categories with ten levels each, for a total of 660 levels.

● Daily Puzzles: Comes with 100 daily puzzles - each day, a new random puzzle is chosen for the player to complete.

● Save-game functionality ensures that the you never lose your progress!

● Hints: Allows the player to display one letter in one of the missing words.

● Refresh: The player can reset the level back to its starting state.


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