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Bible trivia questions and answers like no other. Fun, educational & puzzling!
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Want to increase your bible knowledge and bible dictionary, but also enjoy a great bible quiz? Try one of the best bible trivia games of the year! Unique, fun and well-thought 1000 bible quiz questions are awaiting you packed in 100 levels. You will find quotes, encouraging bible verses, stories, characters and situations. Bible quiz with answers you will have hard time turning off!

The Bible should be the most read books in the world. But let’s be real, it's not. Some people live their whole lives without even owning one. If you have read it, or read some bits and want to test your bible knowledge, this is definitely one of the best apps to do so. This is the bible trivia with answers that will significantly enhance your knowledge.

Our bible quiz game is fun and unique. Most of the questions are unseen before in any other similar app. They are fun and challenging, especially as you progress throughout the levels. This can be a bible quiz for kids too, but generally it is a trivia app for all ages.

As we previously said, this bible quiz app is divided into 100 levels. Here are the rules bellow:
• Each level must be completed 80% to unlock the next level.
• Each level has 10 questions. If you get 8 questions correct, next level is unlocked
• The time allocated for each question is 30 seconds and the number of lives each round is 3 lives, giving you the chance to review some questions

Your knowledge and increased connection with God is only one game away.
Respect the Kingdom of God’s influence and sharpen your knowledge of the Bible.
We pray that this app will motivate you to read the Bible as well, on a regular basis.

- Play button will load the last level unlocked
- We will update the questions frequently

- Tap the desired number to resume any unlocked level

- Response In question is made by pressing the correct version in the allocated time

- If the time out of the screen is less than 30 seconds, you have to change the settings for your phone or tablet so it does not interrupts the game.

Because the database is large enough, in case you will find wrong answers, please send an email to: [email protected] to rectify them.
Coming soon in more languages.


Me gusta
avenger of the sky

Me ayuda aprender la Biblia

Lo mejor

Muy buena


Me gustaría que corrigieran lo del fruto que comió Adán y Eva, La Biblia no especifica que fruto era.


I gave this app four stars because it doesn’t save your progress when you exit the game. If you are on a higher level it is frustrating to answer all the questions again. For example, even if you have already progressed to level 30, when you return to the app it asks the questions you’ve already answered and starts you at a lower level. The second thing is after you get to harder questions they are written in such a manner that the question is difficult to decipher. Other than these examples, this is a great way to learn the Bible and an awesome study method.


Abram did not laugh when the Lord told him they would have a son. It was his wife that laughed.


La Razón que le doy 3 estrellas es que note una respuesta equivocada, cuando se pregunta cuál fue el fruto con el que la serpiente engañó a Eva, la respuesta que se puso como correcta es la Manzana; pero en realidad la Biblia no dice que tipo de fruto era, solo dice que era un fruto prohibido, arreglen ese detalle por favor.

Timer ... YUCK!

I don't know anyone who enjoys being rushed when it comes to bible questions. There needs to be an option,to turn OFF the dumb timer. Deleting!

Only 1 Issue
Grandkitties GMa

Just got this and its a GREAT Bible trivia app for helping remember facts, but the typed questions need to be reviewed! Am now in level 29 and some questions just dont read right grammatically which makes it hard to understand and answer the question in time allotted. Otherwise good app!!!!! Could not find Support within the app so putting issue in this review.

blind people beware
honest nan

this app does not work with voiceover, The speech program on Apple phones. Very sad.

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