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Ba Cristi 3D enables ultimate endless runner fun. Unique running adventure game!
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Ba Cristi 3D is one of the most entertaining endless running games you will play! In a unique setting, with lovely soundtrack, exquisite graphics and brave characters, you need to avoid obstacles and keep running and jumping as long as possible. It is one of those free running games that includes obstacle jumping, exciting worlds, items, characters and unexpected surprises. Keep your reflexes and on-time reactions at high level in the Ba Cristi 3D endless runner arcade.


Play with Gheorge, the simple man, he has great abilities. However, when you gather enough coins in this adventure game online, you can buy different characters. The other available characters are Green Man, Sky Man, Fire Man all with great abilities to help you run even longer.

Ba Cristi 3d has multiple missions that you need to accomplish to gather more points. Follow your upcoming and completed missions in the mission set located in the bottom left corner on the main menu.

Buy upgrades with your coins. These upgrades can give you advantage in this obstacle jumper. They can magnet coins, multiply the coins you collect, increase the jetpack power or jump with super powers. As in any free adventure games with endless running, the more coins you collect along the way, the better.

Ba Cristi 3D features:
- endless running adventure
- unique setting with challenging obstacles
- Captivating HD graphics
- Enthralling music and sound effects
- Numerous Missions
- 4 characters
- Upgrades for better performance
Help Gheorge in this ultra-entertaining free adventure game.
Do you have the skills and precision to unlock all characters and complete all missions?
Have fun and always collect as many coins as possible. They make things easy.
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