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Aztec Survival Simulator 3D

Explore lost Mayan city! Fight against Indians, craft tools and weapons, hunt animals and save the Sun with Aztec Island Survival Sim 3D!
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From the ancient times, only Aztecs and Mayan knew the truth of this world’s existence: Sun needs human lives to move around the sky. Years passes, most of the Mayan disappeared, and you are one of the last descendants of Sun priests. So, your tasks are - 1. Find barbarians. 2. Collect their hearts. 3. Give them to the Sun. So, you should survive at all costs – if you would die, the Sun would stop!

So, hunt to provide you with food, quarry resources, look for or craft weapon and tools - it could make your life here easier! Salvage tools and weapons, craft your own ones, build shelters to hide from wild animals and seek for barbarian tribes! Be careful – these savage people wouldn’t help you with your mission voluntarily, and would attack you on sight! Keep your weapons alert and be ready to protect yourself from ambush attacks!

Search for water, hunt wild animals, quarry resources, find or weapons and be ready for a massive battle for your life! Thrive in the wilderness and dive into the desperate atmosphere of grim ruined lost Mayan city with Aztec Island Survival Sim 3D! Unravel secret and mysteries of this unusual island, provide yourself with water and food and make your life here as comfortable as possible. Collect enough hearts to complete your mission and let the Sun move!
Control your survivor with a joystick, explore lost survival - swim, walk, explore caves and ruins, looks for weapons or craft your own ones using resources you’ve quarried. Build shelters to hide from wild animals, bad weather or savages raids. Mind character indicators - health, energy and fullness. If one of these drops – there’s no chance to survive! Some indicators are easy to fill - there are many sources of fresh water here. Find food is not as easy – gather plant food, hunt wild animals or go fishing instead. Quarry resources – wood, stone, obsidian, iron or other to craft weapons and useful tools – fishing rods, hammers or axes.

Use all your hunting, battling skills and exploration trying to stay alive playing this heart collector survival simulator in 3D!

Aztec Island Survival Sim 3D features:
enjoy views of the ancient city lost in the jungle
keep in mind health, water, and fullness indicators of your island survivor
craft different survival tools, weapons, and workshops to craft new ones
fight against savage men and fierce predators
complete different missions to keep the Sun moving
emerge into the unusual atmosphere of the jungle island

Tired of usual island simulators? Try Aztec Island Survival Sim 3D and feel yourself like a world savior! There are many obstacles on your way besides – wild animals, fatigue, and hunger. Test your skills playing this survival simulator and be ready to face dangers spending time on lost tropical island! Discover secrets, find weapons, build shelters and craft your own survival tools.



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